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Googleshng - July 14 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

I've finally managed to get myself into the same room as Bubba Ho-tep. Haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but when you have Elvis, played by Bruce Campbell, fighting a mummy in a nursing home, how can it not be great?

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Ranting Around the World

First off, I've been noticing a distinct lack of rants (at least advertised ones). How come?

There's a pretty good reason for that actally, but it's a downer. I'll throw a rant up explaining it this weekend.

Second, as just a bit of a tweak to your 'great big wide world to explore, a bit at a time', I'd like to suggest the model I always thought was more fun. That's the one where you're allowed to go anywhere in the world, right off the bat. That is, if you can survive, 'cuz the monsters are wicked hard. The whole Dragon-Warrior bent, where they told you 'every time you cross a bridge, the monsters are harder' was awesome. It meant that you could go and check out the hard monsters, and feel that little surge of pride when you finally beat the guy that was really hard.

That's also a workable concept, in theory, but it's rather hard to combing it with any real plot, seeing how you'd be able to skip around at will. Plus Dragon Warrior doesn't have a big sprawling world laid out for you full of secrets, just a big C.

International Compatability

Greetings Googleshng!

I am one of those long time reader, first time writer people.

I'm writing to ask you a quick question. I'm going to be visiting Japan for two weeks starting next Tuesday. Now, it appears that this is a hot period for releasing games for many major companies, and I want you to help me check my facts so I can pick up some beautiful swag for myself that I can actually use.

From what I've heard, Japanese...

a. DVD disks are compatible with our own DVD players.
b. CDs are not usually compatible with our CD players.
c. PSX and PS2 games can only be used with mod chips or some alike hardware. d. GBA games work with North American GBAs.
e. Famicom and Super Famicom games are prettymuch useless over here.

Is that correct? Do you have anything to add? What about minidisks, GC games or PC games?
What about the reverse, ie: our games working in Japanese consoles, particularily the GBAs?

I'm planning on picking up a few choice pieces of swag announced on this side (Advent Children and that Naruto bundle amoung them), but if I can't use them, they're just worth bragging rights until I can sell them on Ebay or something, which seems like a waste.
Any help would be appreciated. ^^


OK, that there is pretty darn far off. Let's straighten things out here.

DVDs: The DVD Gestapo has SERIOUS issues with playing DVDs from other countries. The only DVDs which aren't restricted to a single country are Region-0 discs, which as a general rule are cheap bootlegs.

CDs: You're fine. A CD is a CD.

Games for Disc based consoles: Propriatary region lockouts abound.

GBA games: No problem whatsoever. A GBA is a GBA, as are the games.

Cart based Nintendo consoles: Not much trouble here at all all actually. If you want to pop a Super Famicom game into your SNES, all you have to do is take a pair of pliers and snip off the two little plastic bars which keep the cart from going in all the way. I'm a tad fuzzy on other older consoles, but it probably won't come up.

Quick Little Question

are they going to make a legend of dragoon 2

Well, it hasn't been announced, and I don't think the demand is really there, but sequels have been made to worse games, so you never know.

The Last Laugh:

Off to watch Elvis fight a mummy.

Googleshng "Such a wonderful premise!"

If it isn't great, I'll be shocked.

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