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Googleshng - July 13 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that Strong Bad et al. have been hanging out with They Might Be Giants. Aside from the surprising coincidence of one of my favorite bands and one of my favorite collections of flash animation characters hooking up like that, you wouldn't think it would be possible. You know, what with half of them being fictional. Doesn't seem to be stopping them though.

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I'm in sore need of a new RPG; however, because of limited funds I'm torn between ordering Disgaea and waiting for Star Ocean: Till the End of time. I've read the archived reviews of Disgaea and I jsut can't decide.

The problem is I loved Star Ocean: the 2nd Story (I'm actually replaying it now). But I also love TRPGs like FFTactics and Arc the Lad. I guess my real question is: Did you enjoy Disgaea? Were you blown away? Etc.

Disgaea is quite the spiffy game yes. Especially if you're strapped for cash. You can easily spend a good couple hundred hours with it and still have stuff to do. Plus it's pretty darn funny.

On a different note.

What exactly is Localization?

Mexican out

A fancy shmancy term for translation really. The way most games are translated is, someone takes all the text from the game, and does a direct translation of it. Then the localization staff takes the resulting garbled mess, and rewrites it into actual understandable english, often having to rewrite horrible puns that didn't translate too well as they go.

Have an nice TRIP, see you next SUM- DOH!

Hey Goog,

I'm leaving for Japan on August 31st, at 5:30 in the morning. I'll be there until next June. The sad part of this story: I've been waiting for Star Ocean 3 since Star Ocean 2. And getting Phantom Brave so soon after getting La Pucelle is like a dream come true.

I've found, by buying RPGs over the years (I've picked up just about every release since Wild ARMs, and usually on the first day of availability), that an RPG generally has a shelf life of about two months. After that, the games tend to disappear from the face of the earth, only to reappear months later, mangled, on Funcoland shelves, hideous shadows of their former selves. For about five dollars cheaper than a brand new copy.

Please help me, Goog: I can't seem to shake this thought that going to Japan is a really bad idea, for all the cool things I'll be missing out on. Is there any consolation for my piteous situation?


Well, missing out on videogames isn't really the most appropriate complaint when you're going to Japan. You could easily balance that out by picking up a bunch of games not released in this country. Honestly speaking though, if you're that concerned, you could always just order games online while in Japan, have them sent to your house (or a friend's, whatever), and have a nice big stack of factory sealed games waiting for you on your return.

Less Popular Games

Hey! Gooogle!

So, I completed Shining Force for the GBA a week ago, and man(!), was I disappointed in the ending... I mean, how little satisfaction can you give a struggling gamer?!? Ok, I wasn't struggling that hard but still... Just had to get that off my chest.

Well, then I started playing WA3 and was pleasantly suprised. I think it's going to entertain me for a good while to come. Or at least I hope so... Did you ever play it?

A REAL question, you say? I ...I...I don't have one. Funny, huh?

/Cherry Graves

I was quite pleased with Wild ARMs 3 myself. First off, we have the wacky Force Bar Level Instead Of MP gimmick from WA2, except that now it actually WORKS. Then we have a concept that I've always found essential to a really good RPG that we just don't see enough anymore. Having a great big world, and giving you the capacity to explore more and more optional bits of it as you steadily get more and more interesting new means of travelling. Plus the sandship combat has a real Overworks sort of vibe going on with it.

Oh yes, and then of course there's the fact that I'd always liked the WA series for their Lufia 2 style puzzle emphasis.

The Last Laugh:

Megaman has destroyed a small portion of my brain. I hope he got a spiffy weapon from doing so.


TGS freaking rocks.

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