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Googleshng - July 8 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Sleep deprivation is fun. Except when it comes to column titles.

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Man paper mario 2 is coming out?
Another tales game? Madness. Am i ever out of the loop.

Oh yah I belive the quote is from soulblazer, reffering to turbo... but im probably wrong.

Nope. No tilde for you. Now back in the loop with ye! FM4 is already out too if you missed it.


About that Chrono Trigger tip about death peak...are you sure that the reader is standing in front of the tree so it keeps him from getting knocked down (the tree stops you from moving down) instead of standing behind the tree in an attempt to block the wind? The wind still gets you as THESE TREES DO NOTHING! Well, in that position anyway.

Oddly worded but yes. I assume the person in question figured it out though since he didn't ask for further clarification.

More Silliness

When will RoUrOnI KeNsHiN come back on tv i wanna finish watching the episodes i only to see up to him beating Shishio do you know when it will come back??

Dammit Jim! I'm an RPG Q&A host, not a TV guide!

Seriously though, no channels in my area have ever aired Kenshin, so I'm really not the one to ask.

The Last Laugh:

Why do all the weird letters come in on Thursdays? Must be the ghost of that Thor, with his Madness...
Incidently, I just noticed that the last two days' column titles were the same length. How odd.

Googleshng "Wacky Column!"

Fluffy, but hopefully amusing.

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