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Googleshng - July 7 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Someone caused me to behold the first issue of Midori no Hibi today. It's a manga series about some guy who has a girl for a right hand, who has a crush on him. Because you know, it wouldn't be screwed up enough JUST being his hand.

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We don't need no steenking b- no wait, we do.

I sense a hint of hostility from you towards Paper Mario. Am I the only person who liked this game, or something?

It wasn't necessarily the best game in the world, but it had some amusing puzzles. In fact, if it weren't for some of the puzzles, this game would have been a lot more disappointing than it was.

Managing your badges in this game could make this game easy or difficult. Since you only have a maximum of 30 badge points when fully leveled up, while the really good badges took 6 or 7 each...

If I had one thing to say to Nintendo about Paper Mario 2, it would be: LET ME HAVE MORE THAN TWO #$@$%^& ACTIVE PARTY MEMBERS! It's annoying having nine party members, but only having two active in battle, one of which is always Mario. Of course, you also tended to have to waste a turn of one character to switch characters, too. Lucky, there's a badge you can get that makes it so you can switch characters without wasting a turn.. Squaresoft really liked that team switch idea... they used it in FFX.

I actually loved Paper Mario. Any time people say the N64 had no RPGs to speak of, I always make a point of speaking of it and proving them wrong. I never really had a problem with the two character bit though to be honest. You've got Mario, and you've got a set of interchangable sidekicks each useful in a different sort of situation.

And sticking with this topic...

What are the odds Bowsers levels will be as fun and innovative as the ones Peach had? Also what are the odds Peach's levels will be even better, and further more will Peach get her "Hammer" move sooner and enter more combat?

Kit cloud

Anyway, there isn't really enough out there about PM2 to give you more than rampant speculation at this point, but Intelligent Systems has a pretty good track record for keeping things interesting. So... I'd say the odds would be pretty darn good that the same level of amusement will be found.

Weird Tales

Hello, Sir Googleshng.

I noticed you mentioned that people seem to care more about PM2 over Tales of Symphonia. I'm here to remedy this situation. Although I am looking forward to more paper mario goodness (I don't care if they don't try anything new, the first game was fun,) Tales of Symphonia is both closer and seems quite cool. At first, what excited me about it the most was the fact that it's a GCN RPG and it's graphics looked sweet (I'm a sucker for cel-shading.) However, after reading numerous previews, I'm even more excited about it, as the Battle System sounds incredibly cool (Been a long time since we had a Real Time RPG which allowed multiple players) and the story also sounds great. Tales of Symphonia is one of the reasons I'm taking my GCN over my PS2 to college this fall (the others being Baten Kaitos, Metroid Prime 2 and Paper MArio 2 are coming this fall and the fact that Fullmetal Alchemist, Kingdom Hearts 2 and Xenosaga 2 don't come out until spring.)

So, yeah. There's my 2 coins.

-Himizujin Eternia

I myself wasn't all that intrigued by Tales of Symphonia at first, as the engine has never really had much appeal for me. On the other hand, the whole notion of having a controller for each character in the party has a certain appeal... now if only I can find three other people.

The Last Laugh:

Well, a whole day of letters about RPGs for Nintendo systems. How far back do you have to go to find another column like that?

Googleshng "Not as far as you'd think I'd bet."

There've been some days of great GBA mania.

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