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Googleshng - July 6 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Of course, were Crono to sit around with a talking gumball machine making fun of movies, it probably wouldn't be very entertaining, what with how he never talks and all.

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Flat, two dimensional characters.

First off in addition to your answer to Bucket Moose's question, you also have to keep running when you're behind the tree's otherwise you still get blown off the mountain.

As for Game cube RPGs that are actually exciting the only one I can think of is Paper Mario 2, that and Maybe Legend of Zelda but we all know that won't reach here in THIS year,anywho in the screen shots I've seen there seems to be a Koopa in this game as one of this games companions for Mario, is this the same guy we hade in Paper Mario? Also what improvement are you hoping for most for Paper Mario 2 over Paper Mario?

Kit cloud

Actually, I did mention that you have to keep moving. Anyway though, I suppose what I'm most like to see from a Paper Mario 2 would be a new little gimmick for the combat. The whole notion having to use different attack types on things whether they're flying or covered in spikes or whatnot was cool, but I don't think it really has enough potential to hold our interest through another game by itself.

Is Pauly Shore sending me letters now?

Hey Goog,

Can a hero really be a hero if he leaves his mother alone for (literally) ages to become an old abandoned cat lady?? I love Crono Trigger just as much as that scary vampire looking guy with the scythe over there standing over the frog but... ooh, I think i need to run now. Gaak!

the Weasel

I don't know about that. I'd say Chrono's ahead in that field. His mother isn't dead, or turned to stone, and he isn't bansished from his town, so he can come home and visit her, and introduce her to everyone else in your party. Besides, what's wrong with being an old abandoned cat lady?


Deur Strond Bad,

I hava a emau] n ow. cheet helps.
Stlong Mad.

Why did I do that? Ah-uhn-oh. But this question of a Gamecube RPG that people would be excited about intrigues me. Is it that Paper Mario 2 isn't causing a stir? Did you simply forget that this nearly RPG barren console needs someone to give it something nice and good (Get me a freaking proper sequel to Mario RPG, Nintendo and SquareEnix!) Square Enix, you say? I wonder what exactly that would look like. OH! Spaced out there for a second. Medication's a funny thing. But really, there's nothing that is both Exciting and an RPG for the Gamecube? Why no "Chronicles of Vedia," "Gordian Myth," "Festival of things that I'm just making up," or something else that you can imagine would be good? I mean, CRAP! There are guys out there who have amazing ideas for game stories, and the GC just isn't trying! WHY?!?! Oh, marketing, right. And I blame Kevin Grumbles, and his Grumblecakes.

Needing to take a long nap,
Kenny the C.

Well, the real issue is that all the big franchaises except for FF have been taking their sweet time getting a foothold in this hardware generation. We have Tales of Symphonia coming up just around the corner though, so that will be changing. As far as obscure little RPGs go though, Lost Kingdoms really isn't that bad if you can get past the graphics and the length. Then of course we have Baten Kaitos later this year, which should get the Xeno-type fanboys drooling.

The Last Laugh:

So anyway, yes, I thought Tales of Symphonia was the "game people cared about" I mentioned earlier, but evidently, it's really Paper Mario 2. Nice to know.

Googleshng "It's a him. Mario."

Well it is.

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