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Googleshng - July 5 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Well let's see you try to whip palindromes out like that. It almost makes sense though. Mega Man isn't me, he's Agememnon... and I'm not spelling his way like most people do. Yeah...

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An interesting request.

Hey, Google. Why do people ask you things that they can easily find in a FAQ or walkthrough? And why do they have to do it in such ATTROCIOUS spelling and grammar? Here's a better question: How do you put up with it? Well, on to the game related thingies. Do you know of any good Spacefaring RPG qith giant robots and all that, but NOT Xenosaga, as I've already gotten to the end of that, and am stuck, because I don't want to go back and buy a new AGWS. (Yeah, I got all the way to the boss. Without buying a new one. It was a total "HOLY FLYING S**T!!!" moment when I read in a walkthrough that I could've been doing that for the whole game.) If there are any others, let me know. Because I like space, and robots, and all that jazz enough for me to be devising a nice pen and paper one right now. But would rather be playing one myself. Kenny need robot. Your technologically addicted friend and confustigator, Kenny the C.

Well, the space part, that's easy. You end up in space in quite a few RPGs. Robots, those are even easier. I could easily name 50 games where you have at least one token robot with you all the time. Now, when you specify that these robots must be GIANT, that's where it gets tricky. Xenogears is out, as it doesn't really meet your spacefaring requirements. FF4 is in, but that's really a technicality. The whole Super Robot Wars franchaise works if I'm allowed to name TRPGs not released in this country. The Phantasy Star series is honestly probably going to come closest to what you're looking for despite the robots all being of a reasonable size. Oh, and of course there's probably a bunch of ancient extremely obscure DOS-based PC games that'd do the trick.

Thinking WAY back on this one.

Happy belated 4th of July. I've got neighborhood kids outside with fireworks as I'm writing this and I'm beginning to feel as if I should have 911 on speed dial.

Okay, this is el questione. I just got Final Fantasy Chronicles (No, I STILL haven't made good on my new years resolution to buy FF7 yet, in case anyone was wondering) and I'm playing Chrono Trigger as FF4 hates my Massachusetts liberal guts.

(Mild Chrono Trigger spoilers ahead.)

I'm on Death Peak on the mission to revive Chrono, and I've gotten the Poyozo to turn into the tree. Every single FAQ I've consulted says HIDE BEHIND TREE. I have spent the better part of an HOUR attempting to hide behind said tree to get out of the wind, to no avail. Comes my question:

Where the hell do you stand to get out of the stupid wind?

On a final note, I've got a police officer as one neighbor and an assistant DA as the other. Ironic, isn't it?

Bucket Mouse

Ah yes, that was a rather tricky bit wasn't it. If I recall, you want to be right behind the tree, but not quite touching it, as that will make you slide a little to one side. You may also have to keep walking up a little to maintain your position. Then it's just a question of watching for the gaps between the big gusts and dashing from tree to tree.

Springfield's answer to a question no one asked.

Hi, (cold water splash) Googleshng!

Okay, I know the deal with Mini-moose, too. See, he's a clone of Bullwinkle in the same way that Mini-Me is a clone of Dr. Evil. Hope that clears things up.

"Zeeky Boogy Doog!"

Well, there's an odd thing to mention out of the blue. I suppose we also would have accepted that he's his... OTHER sidekick. Been with him the whole time. Yup. Also, his family was once held hostage while he presented some very sick comics.

The Last Laugh:

And going out on that weird little note, I appologize for the lateness of today's column. Something of a crazy weekend around here. I'll get the schedule normalized by Thursday.

Googleshng "Black Lung"

Good old Strongbad.

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