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Googleshng - July 1 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

An entire month to make obscure Trigun jokes. Huzzah!

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well like i have a questin do you know how to get a membership card on zelda orcale of seasons and if known can you tell me how to get one

what the heck are you suposed to do with the stupid well seasoned pot how do you get the fall and spring spirit!

Here is a list of Oracle of Seasons walkthroughs. They should cover all your various questions.

Quotage and colors.

Hey Google,

Is there anyway I can figure out (aside from racking my poor brain) which games the fun quotes that appear as the title of the site come from? I'm one of those types, you know. One of those that almost couldn't sleep over trying to figure out which game "The confusion in you...will be cut along with you" came from (because I KNOW I've played it). I ask for a reprieve for me and my SMURF-poor memory, as well as my insanely anal tendencies. Maybe it's somewhere on the site and I just can't find it.. if it's not, it would be nice if there was a place where all the OCD folks like myself can go to make the burning stop. Don't make me host a Nickelodeon game show!


P.S. Why is must Square insist on doing all the new FFs in pastels? I just watched the FFXII trailer, and it was like someone was giving me a rainbow enema... not that I'd know what that was like... yeah.

Well, as a general rule, people are going to be guessing at those quotes here in the column, and people are generally good at getting them. Nobody even tried this week though, but for what it's worth, it was Wild ARMs 2.

As for the pastel look, that's just been the trend these days. Bright happy colors. I wouldn't say FF12 here is bad in that department, although I do have fond memories of the washed out look of FF6.

I suppose I can rationalize printing such things via the tenuous connection that is the MMBN series.

Hi, (cold water splashes) Googleshng!

I heard about RingMan... it's a long and boring story, so here it is:

RingMan, as you may know, was first developed near the end of the cold war, and is one of the earliest creations of Dr. Cossack, and back then his codename was "BlingMan." He was originally constructed to infiltrate capitalist America, study its way and mannerism, and steal the gold which supported the American economy. This never happened, as just after BlingMan was activated, the iron curtain fell and the USSR broke up. Not wanting his invention to go to waste, Dr. Cossack reprogrammed BlingMan using bits and pieces from ElecMan's programming block to create SuperconductorMan. It's at this time he received a miniature superconductor atop his head in the shape of a ring. Things were rather dull for SuperconductorMan and his creator until Dr.Wily kidnapped the good russian doctor's daughter Kalinka, and forced him to send an army of robots after Megaman. Dr. Cossack rebuilt and reprogrammed a number of his creations into weapons, including SuperconductorMan. He incorporated a weapon system in which SuperconductorMan would toss a portable, charged Superconductor at a foe, enough to degauss simple microcomputers and damage Megaman without harming humans (outside of having a giant golden ring tossed at them). He dubbed the final product of his work "RingMan." And now you know the rest of the story. Hope that clears things up.

"Get Equipped with Bling-Bling!"

I need to stop asking rhetorical questions.

Anyway, as interesting as that theory is, by your logic he shouldn't have the whole boomerang shtick going.

The Last Laugh:

As Andrew is on vacation, various other staffers have vollunteered to cover for him this weekend, so for tomorrow...

Googleshng "Nya!"

Well said Mini-Moose

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