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Googleshng - June 30 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Not a lot of interesting coments one can make about it being the last day of the month, and there's no weird number jokes for 063004 either... hmm... look, a microbe!

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Singing Pallywallydoodle...

Hey Google,

Paladin's Quest wasn't terrible, but it wasn't a masterpiece, either. It sequel, Lennus II, never got released in America, but its visuals are quite impressive, with more tolerable hues. Here's an image so you can see for yourself.

-Jeremy, the Duke of Otterland

Well honestly, most RPGs people hate aren't really TERRIBLE. 7th Saga for instance is quite spiffy... up until the half way point. Or take Mystic Quest. Rather simple, but not without a certain charm. The problem of course comes when you take any of these games and compare them to, say, FF6, or Chrono Trigger, or any of the other truly good RPGs of their era. It's all a matter of relativity.

Four score and...

Hey Goggleshng Ok you said "#4 in series", so here's what I've got.

First off in Final Fantasy Chronicles, I know they changed a bit for CT, but I seem to see nothing similar that MIGHT be what they changed in FFIV, now granted I never played the original FFIV but still there's no anime shots or anything. Just wondering. Also the last time I played FFIV on (which may be a year ago) I thought this zombie/wall boss, in the Underworld, I was defeated everytime it constantly moved forward and when it got to a point(most likely to simulate a wall crushing the characters) it was use this move which did more HP then they had one at a time, what's a good idea to fix this?

Suikoden IV Is it really true it's only going be four person groups? Also what kind of modifications on the skill system(i.e.Damage, swing,Fire magic,Continual attack)will they make.

That's it for now can't think of any more fourth games

Kit cloud

Everything I know about Suikoden 4 is right here. Not a lot really. We're a bit overdo for more information on it I say.

Your FF4 questions however, those I can answer. FF4 was rereleased in Japan for the PSX in the same bundle as 5 and 6. Straight ports with rendered intros and endings tacked on, and a few other little features, the most notable of course being Nasty Lag. CT was then released seperately, and had a few more movies thrown in. Then since they'd left it out of our bundle, they tossed 4 in when throwing us CT, and spiffied it up by beating back those load times and redoing the translation. The important point though is that when FF4 first hit the U.S., a bunch of things were changed and removed (like the Dark Wave ability) in an attempt to make it easier and less complicated. With the PSX port on the other hand, we got the original version.

Finally, as for your wall boss dillema, the best thing to do there is kill it before it has a chance to crush you. Simple enough really.

Off topic but what the heck.

Hi, (cold water splashes) Goggleshng!

As far as I can tell, Bubble Lead is just like those bubbles kids blow in the summertime (and have recently been replacing rice in weddings, but anywho...) Except that the skin of the bubble is made of a lead compound. This is the reason it hurts Heat Man and the Alien Hologram in MM2. The lead works to both smother Heat Man's flame and block out the hologram's radiation. At least, that's how I see it...

Okay, on a less serious note, what do you think Megaman would get equipped with if he defeated you, assuming that defeating you gave him something to get equipped with?


"Get Equipped with Happo-Fire-Burst!"

I'm going to stick with odd translation, on the grounds that I'm pretty sure you can't blow bubbles with liquid lead.

In any case though, I don't believe killing me would gain Megaman a weapon, seeing as I'm not a robot, but if they were so desperate for ideas as to make a me-themed boss... uh... how about a rehashing of Woodman's shield but with spinning slimes instead of leaves?

The Last Laugh:

The series really peaked at 3. Seriously. All this Charge Beam this and sidekicks that... feh.

Googleshng "Seriously, what's the idea behind Ringman?"

Or Ring Man, take your pick, the games tend to flip-flop.

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