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Googleshng - June 28 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Today I took a brief break from the playing of RPGs to check out the new collection of every Mega Man game. For the mostpart, they did a great job here... but there is a special place in hell for people who make B jump and A shoot. Especially when they don't let me change'em back.

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Everything old is new again...

just have a couple of comments on the Shining Force remake.

I'm glad. I'm glad it made it's way over to us in Europe and that I once again can sink my teeth into a classic 2D RPG.

I'm sad. I'm sad to say that some games don't stand the test of time. All the new graphics and improved battles in all honor, but it just hasn't got it anymore. Take CT and FF6, these are games that never grow old, but some games do. Shining Force did. And it's a little sad.

But as always, nostalgia counts.

Oh yeah, one more thing... Sword of Mana?! Without the chocobo?! What the hell were they thinking... I mean, the robot legs and all just erased from the script... It's a mockery to all us old fans of the series, who were there when it all began in 1991. Shameful.

Well, thats all. /Cherry Graves

It's a funny thing about videogames really. If someone reprints a book, remasters an old record, or releases a classic movie on DVD, the experience tends to be virtually unchanged. Not so with games though. Even if we ignore the little changes from different hardware, fuzzy graphics, tinny sound, load times, a different controller, they always seem to make changes. Either cutscenes get added in, or there's tweaks to the plot, or the the difficulty is adjusted.

In any case though, it is indeed sad that we no longer have the six million dollar chocobo.

A day of much rambling...

I'm assuming from your ending quote, "Want to join our cult? If you kill the leader, you get to lead it!" that you've seen Chronicles of had some well-done action sequences and moments of excitement, but yeah, the general plot was pretty weak. Just like every Vin Diesel movie. Anyway.

I've been ripping my impatient brain to pieces waiting for Tales of Symphonia, the first RPG I've truly been excited for since Xenosaga...I've been horribly disappointed in recent years. Disgaea was all right, but I felt it was overrated; I hate standard TRPGs (FM4, gah, pathetic), and as of late, I've been enjoying non-RPGs far more than any RPG out there. If ToS sucks, I'll be horribly disillusioned...

NO! It won't suck!

By the way, would YOU pay $500 for a PS3? Especially if the standard Final Fantasy series was once again Sony-only? Hmm...

- Feep "Love, peace, and rocket launchers!"

Come to think of it, it's been over a year since we've really had a traditional bread and butter RPG. Everything these days seems to be a TRPG, Action/RPG, Online RPG, Monster-Raising RPG, or some sort of PC port. Here's hoping ToS there gives you your fix of normality there.

As for yon hypothetical purchase, heck no. Point of fact, I'd never pay $500 for anything, period, which is probably why my computer is such a hunk of junk.

Devil's Advocate

So what the frell is wrong with Paladin's Quest? Everyone always lists it among the "bad RPGs," but I played it through twice and enjoyed it quite a bit. Can somebody actually explain why this thing gets ranked among the 7th Sagas and Quest 64s of the world?


Well, I've heard a few possible reasons over the years, ranging from "the menus are incomprehensible" to "it's really stupid how casting spells hurts you." I think the real factors though are that unlike most games of the era, it really didn't leave much of a legacy, and the fact that it's really really really ugly. I mean, I can live with bad graphics, but this is a SERIOUS eyesore.


The Last Laugh:

This here Mega Man collection also throws in various "hints" like "touching spikes is bad." While they aren't what I'd call useful, they did a remarkable job of giving these period translations. We're talking "There are secrets where fairies don't live" sort of talk. I love it.

Googleshng "Get equipped with Pillow Lead"

Seriously, what's with Bubble Lead?

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