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Googleshng - June 28 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

The title of today's column is something of an inside joke. There's no real story behind it, but if you randomly shout it enough times, it gets to be pretty funny.

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An interesting notion

What's with all the tactics games lately. Also in a weirder note, what would happen if the made legend of Zelda or a "legend of Zelda"-like-game that was turnbased and it was actually really GOOD?

Kit cloud

Well, if you can make an RPG with Mario or Mega Man fun, Zelda should be a snap. Let's just hope that should Nintendo ever decide to try such a thing, they won't be cruel enough to make Tingle a member of your party the whole game.

As for the flood of TRPGs lately, I'd chalk it up to coincidence really. FM4's been in the works for a while, Ditto Growlanser. Then we have La Pucelle following on the heels of Disgaea, along with Phantom Brave doing the same. The same thing happened around when FM3 came out now that I stop and think about it...

Random Chrono Cross spoilers ahead...

Spoilers I say!

What I object to about Chrono Cross in general is that in order to resolve the Schala thread from Chrono Trigger, Square took away the first game's happy ending. We wanted to see Schala saved, sure, but did anyone want to see Crono, Lucca, Marle and Robo killed? (Worse: to not *see* them killed, but be imprecisely told that something had happened to them?) CC is not good enough a game to justify having done that to the characters we loved; bittersweet resolutions are more in the line of the Suikoden, Lufia and Phantasy Star series.

It does make me very hopeful that they'll eventually return to form in a third game, though.


Yes, it's generally not a good storytelling technique when you unceremoniously kill everyone off between the original and the sequel. In this context though, it's downright implausible. I don't know about you, but when I finished CT, I could take down Lavos using just Crono, using just the mop. I fail to believe anyone could off him that easily.


Hi, Goog,

Glad your deadbeat Gov is retiring.

With the lack of new RPGs right now, I picked up a used copy of Wild Arms 3. It didn't come with the instruction manual. I'm having a great time, but I don't understand why I can't upgrade my Arms anymore. Everyone in the party has their Arms at level 4 on each of the options. They're all at levels 48-50, & I have almost half a million dollars so I don't think my problem is lack of money, but no matter where I go, all the upgrade options are greyed out.

What am I missing?

Thanks & hope your weekend is better than the past week or so has sounded for you.


Each ARM can only be upgraded a fixed number of times, in total. So, you can go for raw attack power, you can juggle between weight and bullet count to really blast away when your force gauge is full, or you can mix and match. You aren't allowed to upgrade everything all the way though, as you can see here.

On the plus side, I seem to recall you can remove all your upgrades and start over if you don't like how they turned out.

The Last Laugh:

You really shouldn't give people boxes of bite sized candy as presents in 85 degree weather. At least not chocolate covered things. It tends to cause something of a mess.

Googleshng "Want to join our cult? If you kill the leader, you get to lead it!"

Not a good way to create a stable organization that.

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