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Googleshng - June 23 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

For some reason, I was just reminded of an old RPG sourcebook I once saw containing extra smart spacefaring orcs, refered to as scro. I maintain that the only thing you should ever try to spell backwards to indicate some slight difference is Dracula. Most others just don't work. I think I'll spend the rest of the day calling Vulcans sevle.

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It takes a tough butterfly to get out of one of these...

I'm back

However just a short question. Is it possible to fill all three slots on all four sides in Jade Cacoon 2?

Nope. The most you can get as I understand it is 8 monsters at once, so you're always going to have one empty slot on one side.

Never heard of it actually.

Remember that old Nintendo game, Mighty Bomb Jack? I heard, like ages ago that a Mighty Bomb Jack Quest game was coming out for Game Boy. I haven't seen anything about it since then. I guess it was axed, but that would have been sweet.

Don't you think a mix between Mighty Bomb Jack (jumping around and throwing bombs at kids and schools and stuff) and Zelda 2 (throwing magic at kids and schools and stuff)

Just the thought. Think they will make for PS2 or Game Cube? What about an updated River City Online?

I can't speak for such a game, having never played Mighty Bomb Jack. River City Ransom Online though, that would be an odd concept. Massively Multiplayer Online Beat'em Up/RPG... I suppose it would be hard to pull off combat with lag concerns though. A certain degree of percission timing is needed in these things.

Dammit Jim! I'm a Q&A Host, not a Walkthrough!

where are the three peices of the trident in golden sun

Assuming you're refering to Golden Sun 2 here, in the Shrine of the Sea God, Ankohl Ruins, and Tundaria Tower.

Seriously speaking though, this sort of thing you should really check guides for. I'm more here to answer questions like "What was that PS2 RPG where you had some sort of evil shadow as a partner?" "Do you think MMBN4 will be worth getting?" or "Seriously, what the heck was the deal with the good ending of Chrono Cross?"

The Last Laugh:

I'm told that yon Shining Force fixed the AI so that you can no longer send a mage or an archer after a bunch of zombies in the mountains and pick'em all off one by one before it occurs to them to move towards you. On the one hand, nice to hear it isn't so easy. On the other hand, it might not be possible to take out entire fights using just Anri anymore.

Googleshng "The sevle neck pinch!"

What? I said I'd do it all day.

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