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Googleshng - June 22 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

After filtering out the really blatant spam, roughly half the e-mail I get has no subject line. 95% of these no-subject e-mails are spam, so it is not uncommon for me to throw them all out without looking at them. So, try to avoid being a part of that other 5% if you can.

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Holy cow, a Koudelka question!

Koudelka Spoilers


i have a question about koudelka. how do u get koudelkas pendant in the first place. everytime i go to elaine i dont have the pendant and i need it.

If I recall, you find the pendant needed to avoid the Raiders of the Lost Ark ending by searching the fountain in the courtyard. Incidently, if you watch the intro closely, you'll notice it falling into that general area.

Seriously, why are there so many games called _____ Hearts?

Hey Google,
Am I the only one who couldn't care less about new Kingdom Hearts games? To me, the first was such an abomination that it hurts to think about it.

Have you played the demo for Front Mission 4? I, personally, have a very strict no-preorders policy, but when I heard that the demo came with a preorder, well...
Anyway, the Front Mission 4 demo makes me shiver with flavor. I'm having a hard time getting things done now, as I won't have time when the game comes out.


As I said at some point last week, I would expect to really dig FM4 at first, but get bored with it a good deal before the end.

As for new Kingdom Hearts games, well, I love the premise, but the original had some serious gameplay issues. If they fix those, I'd be pretty excited too.

Shrodinger's Dates


I had to comment on your comment on Tales of Phantasia. Ya see, the newest article I could find on rpgamer about the GBA port which is obviously already out in Japan, was this one - and it says there was no planned NA release of the port at that time, and there is no hint of it coming up on the namco webpage. i was just wondering where you got the info/thought of it coming here in the fall? cause i am really psyched for it, i just hope i'm not being... siked... heh. (you know, like when lunar 3 is actually hinted at..)

well i don't really have any other relevant questions for now, so ciao.



For some odd reason, it's never entirely clear whether GBA games are going to skip the pond. Magical Vacation for instance looked like it was coming over no matter who you asked, but then it just went poof. Fire Emblem 7 meanwhile largely slipped in under people's radar. With ToP here, I can find a few people saying it will be out by the end of the year, and a few people saying nothing. I'm inclined to believe those who say it's coming though, as the series as a whole seems to have gained quite a bit of popularity in North America over the years.

The Last Laugh:

Oh wow. I completely missed the fact that the GBA port of Shining Force and FM4 slipped out there. Shame I lack the cash for them. Well, I lack the cash for FM4 at least. Shining Force I have easy access to the original version making it rather moot.

Googleshng "Tactical..."

I love moving around on little grids. I really do.

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