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Googleshng - June 21 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

For those of you who don't follow the local politics of states you don't live in (which I rather hope is all of you), the governor of Connecticut, who has for quite some time been going about breaking laws, messing things up, and just generally being a jerk for the sake of being a jerk, has finally gotten it through his head that his career is over, and jumped on the retirement ship before getting thrown out. Glad to see him go myself.

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ToP That!

K. First of all, great site! I come here for all me RPG news. ^_^ Anyway, recently I've been playing the translated rom for Tales of Phantasia for the SNES. My friends, however, say that there's no reason in doing so because it's coming out on the GBA very soon. I've seen some screenshots on the site, but no release date or anything of that nature. I wanted to know if it's certain that ToP's coming to America because I know that the original SNES version did not. I was thinking, hopefully, that because Tales of Symphonia is coming for the GameCube that maybe the hype would cause the first installment of the Tales series to be brought here for the GBA.

K. Thanks for reading and even more thanks for answering. And don't worry, if the answer's in the negative, I'll still come to your site first for everything! ~_^

-- The Lost Sage

Yep. Theoretically, it will be out here by the end of the year. That date might squirm around a bit mind you, but I can't think of any reason not to release it at this point.

Le Mog Imperielle

Greetings (I sing) GOOG-LE-SHNG
How are you doing so far in La Pucelle? What is the largest miracle bonus you have gotten since I can get so far a 10000 bonus one in the room where they cover miracle attacks.
I was curious as if you know how to gain more experience in abilities and spells? I do know that monsters gain 2exp per use of an ability of the same element of the monster. Also some skills by different characters and monsters are but some are not?
I see the website raising money, I got an idea to raise money. *Splashes water at Google turning into Google-chan* Maybe some cheesecake photos of you in this would help since sex sells a lot.. *Holds up a bra for Google-Chan.
Imperial Mog

OK, you've called me on it. I've only really had the briefest of chances to play La Pucelle with all the nasty stuff I've had to deal with over the last week, so the best miracle bonus I've gotten was only something like 100.

As far as improving your spells goes, which I believe is what you're asking there, from what I've seen, it's not really any different from Disgaea. Cast a spell, get some experience for that spell. Get enough, it goes up a level.

Finally, I'm pretty sure we'd have more luck with selling dry T-shirts than wearing wet ones on the financial front, but the suggestion is noted.

Omniscience would make my job much easier.

i have got to the 30% mark and have found that i am missing .2%. what is the most often missed scene in the game? I've been fallowing the guide book

So... your problem is, you're using a walkthrough to try and find absolutely everything in the game, and after seeing almost a third of it, realized you missed one little event somewhere. Well, if the guide you were using left something out, presumably you could go find another and cross-reference them to see what it was, but otherwise I can't see how anyone could possibly help you out there.

The Last Laugh:

Oh hey, someone pulled off a successful commercial spacefaring attempt. Great news for Sci-Fi types. Just think. 10 years from now, we could have milk-filled androids dooming crews of civilians to death by slimy space monster.

Googleshng "Seriously though, that's really spiffy news."

They probably aren't just called "The Company" though.

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