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Googleshng - June 17 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time


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Back Mission

::emerges to pick the slime's brain::


The concept of a Dwarven monk both frightens and intregues me. The thing you have to consider is that dwarves are heavy and muscular, while martial artists are usually lithe and muscular. In the end, they'd probably trade in flexibility for stronger attacks. Not necessarily a bad thing.

On the topic of TRPGs, what do you think of the sparling new Front Mission 4? I enjoyed FM3, although the sound FX got on my nerves about 10 missions in.... and the linearity of it all, of course. Also, the review given worries me in terms of customizability... not being able to change weapons 'till mid-game? That's a big problem. Your opinion on this?

Longbeard monks? Delectable!

I assume were I to play FM4, I would find it really nifty for the first 10 hours or so, and then get really bored and sick of it as it ran on. Of course, that's a problem which could be solved by taking breaks from it to do other things here and there, so I'd say it's worth having.


The ides of June is on the 13th, not the 15th.

Oh. Well, I stand corrected then... and so does my english teacher.

More learning.

Small correction to a previous letter: nippon-ichi does not mean "Japan is #1." It actually means "best in Japan," as in the line in the traditional song "Fuji-san," "Fuji wa nippon-ichi no yama," "Fuji is the greatest mountain in Japan." "Japan is #1" would be "nippon wa ichiban."

-The Nameless Translation Dude

"Nippon wa ichiban desu." Don't go dropping your verbs you.

Someone had to say it.



Yeah, probably. Or maybe you could just fry a whole chocobo and serve it with a side of cole slaw.

The Last Laugh:

Staggering number of people asking for my thoughts on FM4 today really. Od for a game that hasn't come out yet. Anyway, off I go to deal with nasty unpleasant business.

Googleshng "zzz"

Not much a speech writer... need to think this over some.

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