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Googleshng - June 16 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

I received some excessively bad news quite recently. Fortunately, I'm still in denial over it, so on we go with the traditional Q&A fun.

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Return of the Purple Freak

Hi google, andrew,

I've been a longtime reader here, so I figured I'd make my first written contribution to you. I believe the topic is the new Musashi title? In reference to the title itself, I think Musashi Samurai Legend flows off the tongue about as well as the title for the first game, as in not so much. But since it will most likely be called Musashi 2 by most everyone, it probably doesn't matter that much. As for the game itself, I'm happy to see square-enix looking to other past properties that don't have the name final fantasy in them to craft sequels to. I enjoyed the first Musashi, though it had plenty of problems just begging to be fixed in a sequel. I hope that this is a sign that square-enix will revisit other old properties, as well as return to releasing fantastic original titles as both companies did in the Playstation and SNES era. Now if only we can see a Valkyrie Profile sequel....please? Pretty please?

-Dasro Kast-

I'd love another game like VP. It would be kind of hard from a plot perspective though. Ragnarok 2 just doesn't work, and you can't really pick a new mythology to raid either, since none of them really have the whole shtick of recruiting dead people to fight. Of course, VP took some liberties there too. Most of the people you pick up really don't qualify.

Anyway though, BFM2. On the one hand, the original had a certain degree of charm, but on the other, well, like you said, we're dealing with people who don't exactly have the best of track records when it comes to Action/RPGs when it comes to gameplay. So, I'm not particularly excited by this news.

More on Chocobos

Where do Chocobos come from? Eggs, stupid! No, but really, if you look at the games, most that have Chocobos have some kind of Chocobo forest. Or no location at all. So the forest is your best bet. Personally, I say that they came from the magical kingdom called Miyazaki.
No real question today, googie, but I will say take time, play La Pucelle, and get to going tomorrow. Also, a thicker column when you've taken your time would be nice.

Here's a much more pressing question. Do chocobos taste better with barbeque sauce or teriyaki?

Love Zelda #5


I noticed today that rpgamer's reviews have had a trend as of late. Now I know RPGamer's grading scale is not the normal school scale where 7 is a C-, but rather that 5 is the "average" score. Yet at least the last four reviews have not scored above a 4, thus earning an approximate "D" rating or less. Is RPGamer just that harsh, or have games of late really sucked that bad? I found it a little odd, considering La Pucelle's generally warm reception by readers/gamers and the fact that FF:CC was obviously reviewed by someone going through single player when the game was intended to be predominantly multiplayer. Actually, more likely, did rpgamer switch to a 5 point scale and I missed it? Because I haven't seen any marks anywhere on any recent reviews above 5. That would explain a LOT. Anyways...

I noticed yesterdsay on gamespot that Nintendo has announced a new GBA Fire Emblem game. You think this one, and/or the upcoming gamecube FE, will make it across the ocean? I'm hoping/thinking so, assuming that the fact that I can't find a copy of the one FE we have anywhere means that it sold well.

I know Andrew has played Four Swords Adventures; have you? I was wondering what you think of it. After 10 hours of gaming Sunday, me and 2 friends made it to world 6, and we're loving every second. Anyway, that's all for now.



Yes, RPGamer switched to a 5 point scale for reviews fairly recently. Honestly, seeing how many people are confused, it seems we probably should have made a bigger announcement of it. I've been pushing for such a thing forever really though, so I'm glad it finally happened. I've always felt nobody can really rate anything on a scale of more than 5 points. You've got awful, OK, good, great, and mind-blowing. Half-steps in there are just arbitrary really.

I do believe yon FE games are heading are way, yes. FE7 there did rather well if I recall, and I can find release dates floating about too.

Finally, as for yon Zelda thing, well, as I understand it, it abandons everything Zelda is really known for, in favor of being multiplayer. Multiplayer has never really been a selling point for total hermits like me, so it hasn't really caught my eye.

That and I'm broke.

The Last Laugh:

Sorry tings are running behind schedule around here again, crazy around here today.

Googleshng "Seriously, don't ask."

I'll probably tell you later, really.

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