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Googleshng - June 15 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Oh. Guess I should have given that warning sooner eh? Sorry, but I had a lot on my plate and it just slipped my mind. It's not really that bad though Julius, honestly. We have some great doctors out there. I'm sure one of them has a cure for 17 stab wounds in the back. Really.

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We're walking in CIRCLES people!

Dear Google,

I got La Pucelle right after it came out, and I have already beaten it. I love the simple but effective plot, and the humor. It may not be as funny as disgaea, but it certainly isn't worse! Don't you hate it when people avoid tactical games simply because they 'don't like tactical games'? You may not care, or you might understand their feelings, but I am a particular person that dislikes close-mindedness and will try anything new if it gets good reviews from people. I hear Nippon Ichi is setting up a North American establishment to localize their stuff. Thats great! Sounds kind of funny having a north american establishment which litterally means 'japan is #1'. Wee! And then people recognize Nippon Ichi's talent and it becomes bigger and stronger than square enix and everyone lives happily learning that tactical doesn't always mean bad. Only in my little world...

In any case, What do you think of Phantom Brave? Just thinking of a battle system in circles makes me wild! I know I know, it's been done before. But this is from Nippon Ichi! I'm thinking Disgaea with circle movement and spells. I have no idea why Circles compell me so, but they do. Circles... has a nice 'ring' to it. Oh god, kill me for that pun.

~Brendan Mesick

You know, I honestly can't think of any time I've ever actually met someone who didn't like TRPGs. Nobody who ever told me so ay any rate. I suppose it all depends on what you're exposed to though, there's some real dregs out there.

In any case, Phantom Brave will most likely be quite spiffy, however I've never really been a fan of the whole circle thing. When you take that route, you tend to lose a lot. Like, say, being slowed down by terrain, or being able to protect my characters by hiding them behind others. I'll take a nice grid any day.

Gaga for- No, I won't sink to that low.

Hey Google,

Have you ever played any of the SaGa games? Right now, I’m playing “SaGa Frontier 2,” and it *rocks* (in fact, if things go well, it’ll be the recipient of my first five in my reviewing streak). I managed recently to beat the first “SaGa Frontier” after six long years (before then, I had no grasp whatsoever on the series’ mechanisms), so I decided to try out its sequel, and fully intend to give “Unlimited SaGa” a go. What’s your opinion on the series, if you have one?

-Jeremy, the Duke of Otterland

The SaGa series is... odd. Somewhat like being in an abusive relationship I suppose. You have some really wonderful concepts, really nice hand drawn art, and a nice satisfying bit of difficulty... but then you have the sink or swim nature of the games, and the fact that towards the end of any given one of them, that difficulty goes from nice and satisfying to downright ludicrous. The last pseudo-tactical battle in SF2 for instance requires both the use of a very specific strategy, and then getting very very lucky on top of it. Again, I like them to a degree, but it's rough going.

Quit asking about that you.

"Where do chocobos come from?" The reason people keep asking this, unless they're just trying to annoy you by being dumbasses, is because it's a very vaguely worded question in a quiz on the FF11 official website.

There are two questions related to chocobos in the quiz, actually. The answers are that they first appeared in FF2, and they come from forests.

You probably ought to put that in the FAQ, since the question's been in the column like twenty times in the past four months.


Well yeah, if you want the specifics of how to find a chocobo, traditionally, you should poke around in a small round forest. It's really cheating though to go around asking people stuff to improve your score on a little trivia quiz.

Anyway though, it hasn't quite been asked 20 times, but when it hits that, yeah, time to update yon FAQ page.

The Last Laugh:

Here's a random discussion point for you. In pretty much all fantasy settings, dwarves use axes and warhammers, weapons which require a lot of leverage to be used effectively. It would be much more practical for a dwarf to fight with, say... bullwhips and sabres.

I can't really picture it either.

Googleshng "The low center of gravity's a perk though."

I suppose they'd do well with some form of martial arts too...

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