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Googleshng - June 9 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Today is my birthday, which means my whole family is on their way over here, which means I can't quite afford to spend too long on this intro.

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Meh, Googleshng:

I grew up on FF6 and 7, and have played through the majority of the FF series. SNES, PSX, and PS2. I've been on FFXI since post-Easter (thank god I missed the Easter Egg Campaign >_<).

The problem is, I'm leaving for my summer job in 3 days, and I won't be able to take FFXI with me. I will be able to get my PS2 there, but I won't have a net connect.

I wasn't a big fan of FF8-X, didn't get X-2, and I'm looking for another RPG. I loved FFT, and I'm looking for something I can play on and off for 2 months.

What should I go for?

Let's see, PS2 RPGs off the top of my head. Shadow Hearts, Wild ARMs 3, Breath of Fire 5. Listed in increasing order of not-like-the-FF-games incidently.



Why was Disgaea released before La Pucelle in North America when La Pucelle was released first in Japan (it was released about a year earlier)? It doesn't make sense to me to release a sequel before its predecessor. It really made La Pucelle look dated in comparison.

Death of Rats

Well, when La Pucelle came out in Japan, it was a not particularly remarkable TRPG, from a developer whose last game published in the U.S. was largely frowned upon. Thus, no stateside publishers wanted to touch it. Disgaea meanwhile looked pretty darn cool, so Atlus brought it over, and since it was so well-received, someone else figured they might as well bring La Pucelle over too, having a much better game to stick after "From the developers of" than Rhapsody.



Hey, Happy Birthday!!! No, I'm not stalking you, I just happened to remember that it's your birthday, because it's mine too. In years past I've always felt kinda left out of the celebrations going on in the column, but actually remembered in time to take part this year. So yeah... go us! Or some such. ;- Hope the next year is full of all sorts of happiness for you.


Thanks, and happy birthday to you too I suppose.

The Last Laugh:

Sleep relatives cake relatives column again sleep.

Googleshng "zzzz"

Don't ask how old I am. Too tired to do the math.

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