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Googleshng - June 7 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

So last night I was talked into seeing yon new Harry Potter movie. Less tacked on slapstick, more visuals lifted from the Silent Hill games. Go figure.

On a somewhat related note, thanks to a scheduling mix-up I was left stranded outside the theater for half an hour or so. Gave me a chance to really appreciate what a creepy little town I live in. After 9 PM the whole place just shuts down completely. Not one car on the road, not one person on the sidewalks. Just a bunch of bizarre little storefronts and graveyards. I need to shoot me a low budget horror flick here some day.

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Yes, Chrono Crusade does have nothing at all to do with Chrono Trigger or Cross. And it's not Chrno, because you can't pronounce things like that unless it's the touching saga of an Amish woman and her Crusade for the Butter Churn. But who cares about that noise, did any of you see just how hot that nun is? Dang, I'd have stayed in Catholic school until I was thirty with nuns like that. And then would have run off with one. Besides, to shut you completely down, the ending credits of the Chrono Trigger remake for the Playstation has the japanese project name in it, and it's "Kurono Toriga." The Japanese just occasionally screw up english spelling, it's no big deal. They're dealing with a language that they don't speak all that often, and it's better than what YOU could do with Kanji, since at least their spellings are phonetic. Like "Bodygard" in that episode of Trigun. Or Sheriff with 2 "F"s.
Okay, Google, I finally thought up my question from yesterday, and I'll follow it with one of my own for today. First off, is Front Mission online going to be turn based? Because I don't want any more of this FF XI nonsense, when I expect giant robots that politely wait for me to attack, I damn better well get my giant polite robots!
And second, is Disgaea really that great? La Pucelle is fun, granted, but I'm having a much better time with Arc 4. Is it just because I'm secretly a graphics junkie? I like the anime style of the game. Is it the bad voice acting? Do I just have an unhealthy attatchment to the world I've saved twice over already? Because even if Disgaea is twice as good as La Pucelle, it would only beat out Arc by a small margin. Don't get me wrong, I like the game, but it's taking a back seat for a while. Oh, and in Disgaea, will I have to screw around with all those weapon and skill levels, and making monsters join me, and fight 20 maps to get to the end of on area? And does the story of La Pucelle imporve dramatically after chapter 3 or 4? Because that's where I am. Basically, did I make the right choice getting this game instead of more anime?
Well, thanks for the time, friend. And really, that nun chick is HOT in Chrono Crusade.
Kenny the C.

Actually, kanji represent entire words. You're thinking of hirigana and katakana.

I highly doubt you'll ever see a turn based MMORPG, as waiting for 1000 people to take their turns would kinda suck. That said, there really isn't enough information on FM Online out there to get into the gameplay.

As for Disgaea, I'd say you're in the clear on those concerns. Character recruitment and advancement is pretty simple. The only major diversions you're likely to take from the plot are getting the senate to open new optional areas, and playing around in the randomly generated dungeons. Both of which most people tend to enjoy plenty. Can't speak much on La Pucelle at the moment really, but give me a week.

Patience is a virtue.

I was wondeing when will Kingdom Hearts 2 come out on Playstation Two I want to knaow month day and year

Well then you'll have to wait until it's far enough along in development for them to announce a date, and then for that date to quit shifting around.

Here's an odd one.

How long do you think it will be until video games are basically treated the same as board games, by kids, parents, and developers?


I'm not quite sure what you mean by that. I mean, the way most people treat board games is, things you got from someone years ago, stuck in a closet, and only take out when you're stuck inside in a storm with the power out forcing you to find something to do with your family. I can't see videogames ever filling that roll, for a large number of reasons.

The Last Laugh:

Stay tuned next year, when Harry and Hermione team up with Death to defeat their evil robot clones.

Googleshng "Off I go..."

... to right over there!

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