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Googleshng - June 3 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Hooray for testing out a new mail server. That should make my life much much easier.

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All Mighty Googleshng,
I have a multitude of questions.
First, is the .hack series worth getting in to (story-wise and such)
Second, what comes first, the aname .hack/SIGN, .hack/outbreak and other game titles, or .hack/Ledgend of Twilight (the manga)
Third, am I missing any part of the series?
I would also appreciate any other comments about the series from fellow rpgamers.
Help me Google-shng-kenobi... your my only hope...
PS: Disgaea rocks!


OK, it goes novel, TV series, games/OAV series, manga.

As for whether I'd recommend it to anyone, not really, mainly having not seen/read/watched any of it. The whole game based on an anime series based on a game angle strikes me as a bit too redundant to really grab me, and I haven't really gotten any strong recommendations regarding any of the various incarnations from anyone.

Entirely too old of a joke.


I had this weird dream, see? There was this guy who said the next ice age would come in a hundred years, but then all these clouds came along and they're all like, "Oh yeah? We'll show you!" and they make these big hurricanes which freeze everybody and stuff, and then New York freezes over, and then a week passes by and some people survive for some reason. Weird, huh?

Anywho, two questions:

1) I was wondering if Capcom had in fact made you buy Battle Network four times already and not three since the third one has the multiple versions syndrom initially started by Pokemon.

2) Do you think post-plot extras make an RPG better? They did this with Battle Network 3 and FFX-2, and I think they did it quite well. What are your opinions on it?

Yea. So... *splashes Google with cold water* ...that's it.


"Someone stole my Ninja!"

Japanese Schoolgirl:
That wasn't a dream, that was a stupid movie.

Anyway though, I'm always a fan of throwing extra bits of replay value into a game, just so long as it's something legitimate, and not like, say your answer this yes/no choice at the beginning of the game determines which of two endings you'll get.

As for Capcom's evil powers, no, they aren't strong enough to make me buy two versions of the same game. Really. They aren't. Pay no attention to the PSX and GC versions of Resident Evil on the shelf. These are not the droids you're looking for.


You pronouce it the same way you would Chrono, just minus the one O. - Guru Clef

Google: Chron Crusade then?

do you smoke crack?

Google: Odd thing to ask, but no. Nor do I smoke anything else, although I do enjoy a variety of smoked meats.

The Last Laugh:

Lots of weirdness in my inbox today. And lots of tired in my me. Sleep now. Enjoy weekend.

Googleshng "Searching for '.hack' doesn't work too well."

No officer. I was just looking up info on cartoons and videogames. No, I don't emulate stuff. Yes, that is my browser cache. No, I have no l33t 5K1LLZ...

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