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Googleshng - June 2 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Different sorts of movies come out at different times of the year. It's a marketting sort of thing I never really understood. Fall is when you get the weird artsy cool good stuff. Winter you get the stuff everyone is going to like. Spring you tend to get fairly lame stuff trying to capitalize on the fact that you can call yourself the funniest movie of the year if you're the first comedy out the gate, and then there's summer. In the summer, people realize that people are willing to go see just about any movie just to sit in a nice, dark, air conditioned theater for a few hours, so we tend to see two things. Mindless "fun" action movies, and comedies with horrible, horrible premises. Seriously, where do the Wayans brothers get their funding? No wait. Don't answer that. I don't think I could handle knowing.

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Dear Google,

With all the rpg's coming out in the next few months which ones are on your high priority list to pick up. I generally agree with your opinions on games so i was just curious which ones your looking forward to.

thanks a bunch,

Well let's see... we have Zelda, which I'd be all over if I had people to play it with.
Shining Force, not a fan of the redone graphics, but if you missed it back in the day, it's pretty spiffy, just so long as you don't mind having overwhelming numbers in place of good AI.
Front Mission 4 I'll presumably be grabbing, and hoping it isn't as repetetive as 3.
MMBN4, the exact same game Capcom has sold me 3 times already, with just enough of a new addition to invoke the curse they placed upon me forcing me to buy it again. Curse their evil powers!
Not a fan of the Tales/Star Ocean engine, so I'll probably pass on those two.
Sudeki, do I even need to say it at this point?
Mega Man X Command Mission... I may be hooked on .exe, but X doesn't have that hold on me, and I haven't heard much that interests me on this one.
Finally, Shadow Hearts 2. GIMME.

Hopefully, that should help you out.


Hello Google! I whole heartedly agree with your comments on books! See, I just finished writing one, and am about half way through the editing of it, and I NEVER want to see someone disrespecting my creation by treating it like some kind of commodity that they can abuse. I made a nice story for people to enjoy. And I'd like it to be kept in a condition what they can be enjoyed in the future. So don't disrespect MY books, because you'd only be able to enjoy them if I let you. And I'm sure other authors feel the same. Rant over.
Now, onto matters of RPG nature. Um... Well... Shoot. I'm running dry. Ah well, maybe tomorrow.
Hopefully an author, Kenny the C.

Books good. Questions good. Questions higher priority when it comes time to print letters. Good luck with yon book though.

More covered ground.

Chrno (not Chrono) Crusade has nothing to do with Chrono Trigger, other then the fact that ADV is calling it Chrono Crusade.

-Guru Clef

Now explain to me just how you would go about pronouncing it with just the one O.

The Last Laugh:

Well, I'm off to go try and find Dr. Wily and see if we can team up in our respective quests to rid the world of cell phones.

Googleshng "Insert witty quote here."

Then expand on that quote here.

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