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Googleshng - June 1 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Did you ever notice how RPGs always have a higher body count than any other genre, but never get picked on for violent content? I never quite understood that one.

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Oh yeah, that.

Greetings Googleshng.

I had a sudden flash a few days ago while checking through my GameBoy games: whatever became of Dragon Warrior Monsters 3 for North America? From the information page on the game, it came out in Japan on the March 29, 2003. That was over a year ago and I haven't heard anything about a release anywhere else in the world. Was that game lost in the Square-Enix merger?

Keep up the good work!

- Dr. Cossack

Well, there's a lot of things that can keep a game from U.S. release, but getting lost in the shuffle doesn't tend to be one. I think the real issue at hand here is that the monster raising fad in the RPG industry seems to have finally run out of steam.

Time for Tales

A few questions, if you will.

Firstly, while looking at Midtown's release list for last week, I came across the book "Chrno / Chrono Crusade" (I've seen it listed as both.). The logo looked far too similiar to Square's series to be a coincidence. I did some looking around, but couldn't find anything other than the manag has been released and ADV is planning on releasing the series on DVD soon. Do you know anything about this one, and whether or not it's related to the game series?

Secondly, while I usually don't believe anything Nintendo Power says, their upcoming release list has "Tales of Phantasia" under the Gameboy section. Is this another one of their lies, or is the United States finally getting the first "Tales" game?

Any light you could shed would be greatly appreciated.


~ J

Well, considering that Chrono means "pertaining to time" it's not a strange coincidence at all. In any case, nope, no relation to Crono Trigger at all.

As for ToP, yeah, evidently it's finally being released here around Christmas. That sure took a while.

Speaking of Time Travel...

Hey Andrew, 2 q's for you (no rhyme intended).

1. is Grandia Extreme as good as the first two?

2. is it going to be released in the UK?

Thanks for any help.

RPG Gaming Queen

Well, I'm not Andrew, but I won't hold that against you. Grandia Xtreme, aside from having an annoying title, is a dungeon crawl released roughly two years ago. So odds are if you haven't gotten it by now, it isn't going to happen, but from where I sit you aren't really missing much.

The Last Laugh:

Time. 'S up? Time. Flies! Time. Bandits!

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