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Googleshng - May 31 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

OK, so today I picked up a used copy of the third Harry Potter book from the Book Barn, an excessively spiffy local used book store. The previous owner of this book unfortunately had done something I flat out can't stand. She put one of put those clear plastic dust jackets around the pre-existing dust jacket.

Now, statistically speaking, most of you probably don't see the problems here. Well there's several of them. First, it's just plain stupid. A plastic book jacket jacket is like putting all your tupperware containers inside bigger tupperware containers, to keep the containers fresh. Second, if you're that concerned about protecting your dust jackets, you're doing more harm than good. Take a piece of paper, fold it in half. Now take a stack of 50 papers, and fold that whole stack in half. See how the outermose piece of paper has that broad curve and the edges don't reach all the way around? Paper has a certain thickness to it. When you increase the thickness of one of these covers by wrapping it tightly in plastic, you're increasing the strain placed on it when the book is closed. Case in point, this dust jacket, on this 5 year old, double-wrapped book, is in much worse shape than those of a dozen books I have that have been getting scuffed, squashed, sold and resold since the 1960s. Plus I hate that crinkling sound.

While I'm at it, quit leaving books open face down on tables. It cracks the spines... and the next time I see someone folding the first few pages of a paperback around the back of the book, I may become violent.

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Time Trials

Ok, so call me an anti-nerd (I've been called worse, really).  But, am I the only one who seems to think that 100+ hours of gameplay is just kind of... well, dumb?  There's the new FFXII coming out, which looks nice, but they say 'it has 100+, maybe 150+ if you do everything' or some such.  Now, I've been playing disgaea for around 6 months.  How many hours do I have?  I just tipped the 80 mark.  If you count resets from the dark assembly being a bunch of jerks, maybe I'm at 85 or so.

The kicker is, I feel kinda guilty every time I look at that number.  That's over three solid days of my life sucked into just one video game.  I mean, it's not real guilty, because it's been six months, so that averages out to closer to just a few hours a week.  But, I don't understand how someone could conscious spending 100+ hours each on several different games.  I mean, it just seems like there are other things people just ought to be doing, right?

Or am I just waaaay off base, here?

I say there's a few factors here. The first one of course is how long the game can really hold your attention. Take Front Mission 3. It's darn fun, and really interest, but when the novelty wears off, there's still 30 missions to go. If you cut out the half of the missions, and let's be honest, most of the DMZ bit wouldn't be missed, I'd have much fonder memories of the game. The other thing to consider though is how long games are compared to how many are coming out at once. It's nice to have the occassional long game you can sit down with for a month while you wait to get some new releases, or the money to buy them. I imagine it gives developers a headache to see people complain about games being too long though. If they released a bunch of 20 hour games, they'd make a lot of money, but people would complain about them being too short. So they make'em longer, and then we complain that we don't have time to play'em all.

The real bottom line though is, we play these games to have fun. If you're having fun, don't worry about all the games you could be playing but aren't.

Of course, that said, anything over 60 hours IS a bit much.

Reminding me I need to update my FAQ page...

All right, here's a question to pick your mind, Google.

Do you know if there will be a release on cd of the Dear Friends concert? I know they did 20020220 on CD, so I was wondering if there was any ideas out there if it would be. If you don't know, do you think they will?

Lt. Cmdr. Daniel Rydell

Could have sworn I've covered this a few times, but the short form is, likely but not announced. I'm sure if such an announcement is made down the road though, it'll be hard to miss.

An odd little technical question.

What kinds of media we need to used to played some movies we download from this website?

I'm pretty sure that for most, if not all of the movies on this site, all you need is Quicktime.

The Last Laugh:

So anyway, yeah. Seriously people. Take care of your books.

Googleshng "It's over!"

So hang on, wait, does Homestar know TMBG now?

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