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Googleshng - May 27 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

The forces of nature really have it out for me this week. My house has been struck by lightning four times in as many days. Needless to say, this has been causing a fair number of problems for me.

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Behind on the news.

GoogleAARRGGHH!!! I'm slowly dying here of TRPG overload. I have to choose between playing La Pucelle, Arc the Lad 3 and 4, Shining Force, and soon Disgaea. And I'm loving every second of my problem... Anyway, I'd heard tell that Nippon Ichi is soon releasing a third TRPG along the same lines of the La Pucelle and the Disgaea. Is this just smoke and mirrors, or is this something to add to my blissful brain jam of moving and declaring attack orders?

Well no. Yon game, Phantom Brave, was already released some time ago in Japan, Atlus would be who's releasing it here in North America in the not too distant future.

Speaking of which, to clarify yesterday's letter about Disgaea. New copies of Disgaea have been shipped out to stores, with nothing changed but the cover art.

We've got a theme running here, kinda.

Proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that after playing La Pucelle TWICE since school let out, I am not only insane, and evil, but also very, very bored. Thus, this whole "long time reader, first time writer" nonsense.

Anyway, the reason for my writing this is in response to a recent e-mail (the one talking about needlessly long cutscenes, vs. no stories). I fully agree, of course, but it occurs to me that his question wasn't really answered. If I may, I humbly submit that a place to look to for good games would be Atlus- especially R&D1. Otherwise known as the masterminds behind the wonder of Megami Tensei. Not that anyone knows what Megamio Tensei is, in America of course. But hey, the number of stateside Megaten games being released is about to double. I fear me that it is largely only because of their impressive visuals, and that it may suffer from a concentration on them. However, unlike Square, Atlus still has my trust.

Anyway, just my opinion. Now, I'm off to go raise my army of the evil undead. Ta.

-L337 |)3V1L-

That's an odd series there. Not really a fan myself, but they have that certain surrealist appeal going for'em.


The quote's from Grandia II. I forget where, though.


Yep. Here, have a tilde. ~

The Last Laugh:

OK. The week of severe weather problems seems to be at an end. Finally. Huzzah.

Googleshng "BOOM!"


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