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Googleshng - May 25 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Dear gods the spam flow has been insane these days. I've had a lot of spam before, but I've never had to spend more than a full day deleting it before now. Didn't help to have the power going out for a good day or so due to a rather severe storm, but let's look past my burnt roof and my wated time, and get on to the lovely Q&A goodness, shall we?

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Musical Talent


Woke up with "I Am The Wind" from Castlevania: SotN stuck in my head, which is odd for two reasons. 1) I haven't listened to it in a few days, and 2) I've never played a Castlevania game before. I got curious about Cynthia Harrell's other music, so I did a Google search, but didn't find much else about her except songwriting credits. So I figured I'd do a Googleshng search (if you'll pardon the pun) by asking you were all these singers come from?

Some of them, like the ones Squaresoft finds for Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, are mega-superstars in Japan (and in the case of FF: The Spirits Within, North America... so far, Lara Fabian is the only FF singer I'd heard of before I found out she sang an FF song). But other companies seem to grab people that no one has heard of. The Elsa Raven who sang If You Still Believe in The Legend Of Dragoon seems to be a different Elsa Raven than the one listed at the Internet Move Database, since the web sites I checked out made no effort to even claim that the two are the same person. (They might very well not be the same person, but I have never seen the actress Elsa in anything yet, so I couldn't tell you.) And the vocals for Pure Again from Breath of Fire III seem to be credited to Akari Kaida & Yoshino Aoki, on approximately two websites, total. Either no one cares about non-Squaresoft games, or everyone else finds singers who have never sung before, and never sing again after the job is done. What're your thoughts? And would it kill these companies to take a risk and hire someone outside of Asia (Darren Hayes, for random example, ignoring that he probably can't speak Japanese)?


Mega-superstars is a bit of a stretch I'd think. In any case though, the videogame industry isn't exactly in a position to hire celebrities to do voice work. You have the occassional exception of course, but most companies can't afford big names. They either get friends and employees to handle such things, get some no-name singers (or voice actors) still trying to get somewhere in the business, or if they really have the money around, they'll scrape up the cash to hire real established pros who you still haven't heard of. I believe this covers the question on importing people too.

That's about the Ys of it.


I'm confused! Is Ys VI coming out in America in November, or is that it's Japanese release date?

--Irken Child has a positive hoard of games to drool over thanks to E3.

September for PC, December for PS2 from what I can see, and yes, that's U.S. dates. It's been out for almost a year in Japan.

Rumor Buster

Hello, Googs! Listen, I just went out and bought La Pucelle Tactics (As well as the Arc the Lad 4, the fourth Trigun DVD, and the first three Discs of Last Exile. Great show, and it makes me glad I got a job!) Anyway, the guy at the store, whose name I can't remember (The guy, not the store. The store's an EB Games) told me that Disgaea is being re-released. And that there's going to be stuff cut out of it in the re-release. I have to ask, what the hell? Is this right? And what exactly is being cut out? Because I want the full game, and I WILL go to the interweb to get it if I must. Help me Google, yeah, get her out of my heart. Kenny the C.

I'm going to go with "The guy at the store is an idiot who has no clue what he's talking about." Not only do I not have a press release saying that, but I have a pretty nice inside feed when it comes to Atlus, and of course EB's online store still has Disgaea in stock.

The Last Laugh:

On ce again, I appologize for the various technical difficulties that cropped up here. Expect a more normal and timely column tomorrow.

Googleshng "SPAM!"


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