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   Harry Potter and the Vacuum of Largeness  

Googleshng - May 20 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

I don't watch TV as a general rule, but I don't shut it off right after whatever console is hooked to it either. So I see a lot of commercials. Commercials for the third Harry Potter movie for instance, reminding me I still have to track the third book down one of these days. In any case, I was just now confronted by an infomercial for some miracle breast enlargement device. Normally, that wouldn't be anything to write home about, as that's standard fare for trashy pre-dawn infomercials, except that it's a HOT PINK VACUUM PUMP. Actually, that's going a bit too far. There's no spiffy vacuum motor involved here, just a plastic cup with a straw attached to it. Aside from all the obvious problems with the logic here, I have a problem with people charging $200 for something I could make myself from common kitchen items in about 5 seconds.

Still not nearly as stupid as the self-straining pasta pot though.

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More on Save Points

If I remember correctly, Chrono Cross also had an explanation for the save points... Eyes of Fate or what have you. And eventually they worked their way into the storyline in Chronopolis I think. Or somewhere. I dunno.

p.s. Still enjoying your GBA? I have another I don't use anymore if you want it.


I'm not inclined to give Chrono Cross credit for explaining anything. Somewhere around halfway through the plot seems to turn into a collection of footnotes they meant to expand into actual plot scenes but never got around to it. It might have been mentioned in there somewhere though, between someone ransacking over the world in the span of like 15 minutes and the speech about planets being unfertilized universe eggs.

Now that I think of it, Chrono Cross has ISSUES.

As for the GBA, that's a tempting offer. For some inexplicable reason, I'm a depository for disused Game Boys. I bought an original Game Boy way back when. Someone gave me an SGB on a total whim, someone else gave me theirs when they were purging their old game collections, my GBA was an act of random generousity, as was my GBA Player. I have half a mind to start collecting these things until I reach the point where I have one system for each game I own.

I hate misquoting things...

Hey Goog? I believe you meant the *midnight* bomber what bombs at midnight.
And now, to give myself an actual reason to send this in other than my nerdly indignation, is it just me, or have RPGs lost a LOT in terms of plot or pacing in recent years? It seems like every game I play recently either has no plot worth speaking of or insane amounts of plot with the gameplay practically non-existant. The FF series' plotlines have done nothing but disappoint me since 8; Xenosaga is completely unplayable, but a damn good movie; Grandia 2 - great battles, horrible plot; just like Mario and Luigi. I could go on, but I think you see my idea. Is there any team of good writers AND developers working together anymore? I really hope you can point me towards a game that proves me wrong.

Of course, from what I've heard so far, I might just be in some serious need of Disgaea and La Pucelle.

And last but not least, what's your impression of the Golden Sun series? I have 2, and it just seems to do nothing but irritate me every time I pop in into the SP.

Hooray! My first ever multi part question! Now all I need is a tilde...
Trade you 6 ampersands for one? &&&&&&

Shame on me for misquoting The Tick! And shame on the world in general for not letting me watch reruns! Anyway though, I can't think of any point in history when there was a noticable band of well paced, well written storylines in RPGs. What there has been lately though is a derth of games where you'll have really long "plot points" where nothing actually happens. Take FF10 for example. Pretty much every time you finish walking down a path you get held up by someone telling you "10 years ago, when Yuna's father walked down this road, he accidently stepped on a daisy by the side of the road. If you look closely, you'll see that the stem is still bent." Xenosaga is similar that way. This is the sort of information that should only be gained from talking to random townsfolk if at all. Save the game-halting voice acted high-res model cutscenes for when cities are getting wiped off the map and important characters are dying.

As for the Golden Sun games, I find them to be pretty, but hard to get into.

Oh, and no tildes until you place a quote.

Bitterness ho!

Hi Googleshng,

Although I was disappointed to hear about what they're doing with FF7 now (a prequel on a cell phone?) there are a few that look good to me.

Full Metal Alchemist, for one, is an excellent anime, and will hopefully be an excellent game, too. However, I'm a little worried from seeing words like "Americanized" in the articles I've read concerning the PS2 game, and the fact that it will be on Cartoon Network in October. I think it would be hard to have FMA as a game (and the anime itself) that passes the North American rules for content, since there are a lot of mature themes, and they may edit out some of the goodness of FMA as well.

Anything else that I've heard about the game looks good, though, and the screenshots are promising.

Fable for the Xbox also looks pretty sweet. Being able to choose your path like that reminds me of Knights of the Old Republic, which I love, except it sounds much more complicated for Fable. Like it's more than just choosing the appropriate sentences to say to your companions, and whether or not you should try to get money from that poor alien you just saved.

- Elena99

When my armies arise and the wicked are vanquished, cell phones with any usage besides talking to people will be the first to fall. We hates the keitaises! Hates them!

FMA I think I covered as well as I could earlier this week, not much more to say there, and that brings us to Fable. Not meaning to sound too jaded, but when I take what I know about Peter Molyneux's approach to game design, the way people are inclined to heap ludicrous degrees of praise on any game he's working on, and what I've seen/read about the sucker, I can say with a fair ammount of confidence that Fable won't be a tenth of what people seem to be expecting. I don't mean to slight the guy mind you, I'm a big fan of his. It's just that we're talking about someone who can develop Populous With A Tamagochi Added and have people say it's an earthshattering breakthrough which will change the face of the world forever.

Not to say that Black and White with dungeon crawling in place of the Populous gameplay would be a bad thing mind you, I'm just saying people need to remember not to get swept up in hype.

The Last Laugh:

Wow. I came off really bitter and cynical today didn't I. I'm actually in a really upbeat mood, enjoying and anticipating many a well crafted RPG from many sources, it's just that all these letters somehow gave me a reason to gripe about pet peeves. So, going out on a happier note, FF12 sure looks nice and promising, doesn't it folks?

Googleshng "Consarnit"


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