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Googleshng - May 19 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Yeah baby! YEAH!

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Save Points

Hiya, Goog,

Just off hand, what games end up explaining the existence of save points within the story? The only ones I can think of are Xenogears, and...well, that's it. I'm sure there are more, though.


-Reyn Xero

Well, nearly all games have some in-game rationalization for save points. Either you're writing things down for posterity, or to help others who follow you, or it's a magic circle of protection, or somesuch. Xenogears is one of only two examples I can think of though where the fact that you've saved it comes up in connection with the story in any real way. The other of course being in the Silent Hill series, where the note pads that were save points in SH1 have notes written on them by the character in SH1 when you find them in SH3.

Worst of Show

hey googlish (ever get tired of people doing weird things to your name?)

What do I have to say about E3's RPGs?

I many...the wallet, i can hear it screaming in pain...Must...hold back...until the end of college...NOOOOOoooooo.....If only I had enough money...the world and I could finally get that long break from eachother that we both need so much.

Oh well, I'll just settle for SO3 when it comes out...and then i'm probably broke for the rest of the year...darn the expenses of college

Everyone probably asked what your favorite game of E3 was, so I'll ask which one do you think was the worst of the show? Probably one i didn't even bother to read about...

btw, the quote on the main page looks like something you might find in Disgaea (just guessing here, i rarely remember which game a quote is from since i have well over 100 rpgs...maybe 200, well a lot anyway. i just remember if i've seen the quote before and i've seen that one)

-watcher - 2 ~ and counting (apparently very slowly)

I'd be able to answer this much better if I was actually on the show floor. Let's see though, there was probably some terrible licensed game, which just slapped bad renditions of celebrities or cartoon characters on a cheap knock-off of an existing game, with a great big crowd of people dressed in stupid embarrassing costumes to promote it. When a game just plain isn't impressive or interesting or finished, that's the only way they tend to make it to the show.

Oh, and no tilde for you, but you have my pity if you really recognize it.

More on yon concert.


Any word on whether the "Dear Friends" concert from May 10th in L.A. will be released as a CD or DVD? I was there and saw numerous professional-looking cameras taping the entire concert...

Matt Millsap

Presumably such things will become available at some point in the future, yes.

The Last Laugh:

Hmm... evidently my aunt spontaniously flew across the country to see yon concert. Odd, seeing how she doesn't play RPGs, or even listen to classical music.

Googleshng "Randomness"

It's good for things.

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