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Googleshng - May 18 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

It's scary how much you can get into a game you haven't had a chance to play for 15 years. I have blisters on my thumb I tell you! Blisters!

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Hey goog,
Wow, this year's E3 seemed like a great show. If only i could afford...nevermind, anyway, the games that seem to pop out most to me are well, obviously the new zelda...though im not getting too attatched, cuz i mean everyone hated wind waker's graphics when they were first revealed and the game was really fun, they could do it the other way around...and probably one no one seemed interested in, the fire emblem GC game. Now Fire emblem is not exactly at the top of my list for great rpgs, but they are enjoyable nonetheless.

There is an odd lack of hype there. Let's blame it on the fact that the first 7 games in the series weren't released here. I did it though for what it's worth.

Well onto normal questioning, am i the only one dissappointed that Funimation is liscensing FMA? That anime is extremely awesome, and i fear the cut&paste job they could do to it, however the game looks lke fun. Have you seen any FMA?

Haven't had a chance to see it no. I'm way behind on the fansub front these days. Seems destined for butchering and TV release though, yep.

Well, now to a reaaaaally reall question. I'm playing disgaea and i just about finished episode 7, and that's about 20 or so hours. How much longer would you say i have until the final chapter? (next chapter is mad scientist Etna episode 8 :0)

until next time! pet your cat for me!
Barieuph " im so addicted to Disgaea..." :0)

Well, depending on how much you've been getting better equipment and mindlessly cranking your levels up, I'd say you're probably halfway through. Winning is a pretty incidental goal though I say compared to all the optional stuff you can go do.

Around the World Shot


I'm guessing that's Sega's big announcement was Phantasy Star Universe, unless I missed something. Now then, do you think this will turn out to be Phantasy Star V or Phantasy Star Online IV? Judging from the whole one minute trailer, it looks like Phantasy Star V, because they only show 5 characters, they seem to be a team, and they actually do stuff individually. Like, story type stuff. However, "Universe" sounds suspicously like a MMORPG to me, ala PSOIV. And Sega said something along the line of "we'll never make another Phantasy Star" shortly after IV.

Just looking for your thoughts.


Well, the part that matters from where I sit is that Overworks has said they're through with the series. So, online or otherwise, it'd be safe to say we're still dealing with the same people who made PSO, and thus I'm not really getting my hopes up.

Uh... Shining Shot?

I've fallen in love with the look of Volg from Shining Tears ^_^ I can't wait for the game to come out ya. Eh... As a question, what do you think about the Shining games on a whole? I really love the Force games and can't wait for the GBA remake to be released so I can play something new yet old at the same time...

Wolf X

I've always dug the Shining Force games, but the rest have never really caught my eye much. I have to say though, they always seem to have really... memorable character designs.

The Last Laugh:

Ah, the E3 talk is finally starting to flow in. I look forward to seeing more of it tomorrow.

Googleshng "Forward forward L A A+B B"

I kinda wish the AI was good enough that you needed to use such tricks.

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