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Googleshng - May 17 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

Hooray for super-cheap old games.

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Please don't launch into a debate over this.

Oh, that Greg beat me to the punch on naming the quote. This is what I get for not checking the site yesterday, huh? And I was all set for a FF:T&A joke... Anyway, I'm just wondering, but what do you think is the best latform for RPGs, current and past? I think that the ol' SNES had the most, and the best, but then I started to think about all the goodies that the PS and PS2 got. Well, if anything, it's sure as hell not the poor, disowned N64. Take care, Goog, and tell the others at the site I say "Hello. I'm selling these fine leather jackets."

Kenny the C.

That's a tricky one. If we're going by the average quality of the RPGs for the system, it's all about the SNES. If we're talking pure numbers though, let's pretend it's the Playstation, because there's too many technicalities to deal with when it comes to whether we should count all the Game Boy incarnations as a single platform or not.

A question that could be answered by looking in the instructions.


Either 3 or 17, depending on the math you want to use.

Addressing a problem that doesn't exist.

Yeah. What the heck ever happened to RPGs having a good, old-fashioned equipment system in place? I think the most recent game I've played in which I actually CARED about what equipment I was wearing was Final Fantasy IX...Final Fantasy X and X-2 did an exceptional job of taking equipment and throwing it to hell. After Chapter 1 of X-2, I simply ceased caring what these girls were wearing as accessories, because they were near-useless. I miss getting to a new town and rushing to the equipment shop to buy that shiny new Zircon Sword...and never having enough money to buy everything. I'd then debate with myself what to sell and what to keep, making decisions on what equipment was most essential to the survival of my party, blah blah blah. Games just don't have that anymore.

What's come around to replace equipment? Uhm. Minigames? Shiny pieces of metal?

- Feep "Yes! Iron Armor is +7!"

What happened is you stopped playing non-Final Fantasy games. There's plenty of stuff to sink your cash into in everything else out there. Besides, mini-game content has seriously dropped off in recent RPGs.

Let's squash this right now.

Yo yo, Goog!

Just my quick two cents on the 'sex in games' "controversy". In today's society we deal with choice in all aspects of our existence - choose what you believe in, don't bother other people with your beliefs. Don't want sex? Don't play games that'll include it. Don't want violence? Don't play games that'll include it. Easy enough way for everyone to get along.

"Don't want sex? Don't play games that'll include it."

Uh... name one? There has been entirely too much debate here over an issue that doesn't actually exist. The most nudity I can recall seeing in an RPG was Xenogears, and that's less than can be found in many G-Rated movies. The only way I can see for anyone to think there was an issue here would be if they actually trusted the totally baseless ESRB labels found on so many games. Do I even have to explain how little those ever have to do with the actual content of a game?

And now for a question! With the extremely sexy possibilities of the DS's double screens, what kind of applications do you think we'll see in RPG's? I was thinking about it, and came up with stuff like status screens so that they wouldn't get in the way of the action, or a large map for Tactics games. But those are pretty generic - you have any wildly sensual dual-screen rpg ideas? Or just good, non-sensual ideas. Either works.
Davin Pavlas - "Te occuidere possunt te non edere possuna hefs est"

Honestly, I think that it will be at least a year or two after the system's release before anyone thinks of any ways to use the sucker that aren't just cheasy little gimmicks. That includes me. I can't think of any way an RPG would really need a touchscreen though, so it'd probably just throw maps on it or something.

The Last Laugh:

So... now that E3's over, what does everyone have to say about the various shiny RPGs shown off?

Googleshng "---------o"


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