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Googleshng - May 13 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

So today I glance around at some of the non-RPG news out there. 3D handhelds? Multiplayer Metroid? BUH?

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A mysterious lack of slimes.

Dear Goog,

I've been following all the E3 news, and the one game I was most interested in is not even listed in SquareEnix's lineup. Dragon Quest VIII. What's going on with it? I was going to ask SE just that, but there is no e-mail address for them on their site.

Have they gotten so big in their britches that we mere fans mean nothing?! They'll just give us what they want when they want; & if we don't like it, we can just piss up a fig?!

If you're able to glean any info about this game it would be appreciated.



You would think there'd be something to see there, but it could be that it isn't really far enough along, or that they're just holding off until TGS, since the series is a whole lot more popular in Japan than it is here.

More on Zelda

::Jumps up and down for joy!::


First, let me say I'm happy that Kari and all the others enjoyed the Dear Friends concert. Of course, that dosen't stop me from being insanely jealous, but whatever.

The new Legend of Zelda for Gamecube... when I first saw the screenshots, my jaw dropped to the floor. I should probably have my dentist check that out, but in the meantime, I'm excited about graphics that resemble Ocarina of Time rather then Wind Waker. Granted, the WW graphic weren't bad, but the realism... I could almost smell the Moblin! Which do you prefer?

Oh, and the quote was from Mewt in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, where the spoiled runt wants to stop Marche with stricter laws.

"Those loonies are going to blow up the ocean!"

Hard to pick a prefered visual style here really, since I'm looking at one of them out of context. Wind Waker has a silly cartoony look, and a silly cartoony feel to go with it, and the combination works beautifully. Here we have a nice realistic look, which will probably match the gameplay and work out quite well, but if I'm going to be knocking cute little octopi unconcious with a boomerang along with realistic graphics, that's just not right.

Some more fluffy praise.

...alright... enough rant.

One thing I must stress is how sudden One Winged Angel was played. We were still standing from the ovation of Nobuo, Yoshitaka, and Hironobu. The conductor just turns around and BAM! the first notes were played to which the audience exploded with excitement... I mean... it wasn't even in the program. Those Japonese and their surprises. I mean, the LA Phil (or any classical musicion) never does anything like that. Any encore is obvious as the house lights dim and the conductor gets the orchestra's attention. Anyway... In the game review catagory of buy/rent the DVD when it comes out, I'd say at least take a look at it (they did have recording equipment there... we asked and the people did say that a DVD is likely with the recording they did). And if you like game music (as it is turning into an accepted form of music now, this is also the opinion of square as said by the voice of Tidus in the concert) then I'd say buy the CD. I'm planning to. Anyway... back to paying attention to E3.


You know, I'm somewhat creeped out at how this here concert is getting more attention from a lot of people than E3 is.


Dear Lord of Dorkness (hahaha, shameless Elf Only Inn jab),

So that FFVII prequel's going to be mobile, eh? Hm.....what's Squeenix been thinking? Sequels and prequels and cell phones, oh my! Why d'ya think they want to release a game with such a huge potential fanbase...on a media that's not very widespread in America? Not saying that people don't have cell phones, but not many people have those nifty color-screen ones, which is what I assume they'd be played on. Of course, they haven't even annouced it'll be coming to America in the first place, so I don't know why I'm getting worked up about it now.

Great Holy, I wish I'd gone to the "Dear Friends" concert....

S. Netzach
Lord of the Clams

Clearly, the reason for this decision is to allow Hironobu Sakaguchi to drink the sweet nectar of the tears of a million heart broken fanboys. It's these tears you see which give him his great power.

On the up side, it should gain me more support when I finally launch my mad scheme to destroy all the world's ketais.

The Last Laugh:

Odd how little people seem to have to say about the non-Zelda games shown off at E3. I suppose the rest will trickle in after E3.

Googleshng "Multiplayer Metroid? Buh?"

Does not compute.

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