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Googleshng - May 6 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

The phrase "burning the midnight oil" doesn't really apply when you normally do something at midnight, and by dawn you don't need a lamp. Plus, did people used to actually keep specially labelled emergency oil for such occassions? I'd figure they'd just use the oil they normally do and run out faster.

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Future Tense

Heya, I was just wondering if you planned on getting La Pucelle: Tactics. I know you were a fan of Disgaea, but how do you think this game compares, if you've played it?

BL Alien

I don't have it no, although I'd like it, being as I am ever-desperate for new TRPGs. I'd be inclined to guess though that it's very much like Disgaea, but not quite as good. Seeing how Disgaea was made later with the same engine and all.

Public Service Message

Hey, G. Thanks for the lesser known RPG list, I'm-a look into them. And the Mighty Tilde. Anyway, the problem with your multiple emial is that when somebody sends an email to you with the link on the Q&A page, he or she will get a MAILER_DAEMON response, saying that the emial couldn't be sent. HOWEVER! If you read downward, it says that it couldn't be sent to Now, I'm no genius, but you're not "f", you're Googleshng. So, it gets through to you, but people think that it was blocked. As such, they'll try to send it again and again, until they get tired of it. Also, the title of the response to my Email yesterday was an adaptation of the title of "Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magic Obscura," which was one HELL of a good game. The only problem I had with it was I totally whumped the boss of the game intro the ground, the opposite of your friend's "Tough fight" problem. Well, that and it was too easy to get free time at that one place in Tarant. You know which place I mean...

Ick. Better have someone kick the mail server and have it be less buggy. Anyway though, I wouldn't say those are the only problems with Arcanum. Like having to go up 5 levels to improve a skill one point, magic not being nearly as fun to mess with as technology ("Gasp! Old rags! Metal shavings! What are such precious treasures doing in the trash!?!"), and of course all those bugs. Like when you have to collect 400 gold from someone but he only has 200 on him, and he asks you to come back in 2 days. I stood there for those two days getting him to repeatedly say he'd give me half then and half later until I had something like 100,000 GP. And at that, each asking pushed back how long it'd take him to get the last 200, so I could have kept going.

Rabu ando PSO!


Who in the world thinks Kingdom Hearts to be a tough game? I put it on "expert" mode when I first started it, and I still found it easy enough to spend most of my time playing the game with one hand and eating pistachios with the other. You want a game that'll make you scream in frustration, pick Hoshigami. That game was aggravating (and yet I enjoyed it. I think I've got a masochistic streak in me.)

On another note, why is it so hard to get a copy of the GC PSO?

--The Irken Child

I'd have to go with it not being a particularly new game. That's why most games are hard to find.

Random end of the week sappiness. short...thank you.

But for those of you not in the know, here's the story.

Nearly three years ago I guest hosted this column once. Before my final day, Google announced that my last column would be "extra Xeno-rific." Those innocent, seemingly random words stirred something in the mind of one of his readers. Xenochick, in a bit of a fit, wrote in, angry that my column was "xeno-rific" and hers hadn't (she had guest hosted the year before). Xeno took it upon herself to test my knowledge of Xenogears, and I gave my long-winded response. The next day I received an email, telling me I'd passed. Then began our email correspondence, which eventually gave way to message boards, AIM, and finally phone conversations (it turned out we had more than a few games in common). Fate looked upon me kindly again a year ago, when an international conference I was attending happened to be near her home. For the first time, I met her face to face.

Those few days were magical, from moments at the arcade on the DDR machine, to our first date at Disneyland, and finally that dream-like dance we had alone in the courtyard (to the music of Xenogears and a few other games, of course). Time came for me to return home though, a very long and lonely plane ride ahead of me.

It was not to end that way. Over the course of the summer, we traveled extensively between each other's homes and even attended Comic-Con together, she cosplaying as Celes and myself going as Setzer (watch for us this year as Chris Lightfellow and Yuber of Suikoden III). The distance aspect of our relationship will soon be ending when she moves to be with me as we both attend school together next fall.

I don't think I could ever fully express my gratitude to you for the opportunities you gave me to guest host and your choice of words that brought to me the love of my life. Aside from maybe you having the award of being the person to most influence my life without actually personally meeting you.

Christopher "The Crusader" Ackerman

Also, for anyone out there in reader land going to the Dear Friends concert on Monday, we'll be sitting in the second row of orchestra east. I'll be in a long black opera coat and her in an all white dress. You can't miss me with my long blonde hair, so come say hi to us!

Well there you have it. Proof that you can spend all your time playing/talking about RPGs and still end up with a fulfilling social life.

Results not typical. Actual results vary from person to person.

The Last Laugh:

OK, I'm talking like an infomercial. That means it's time to sleep.

Googleshng "Consult your doctor before using."

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