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Googleshng - May 5 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

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Quote Fun

Hey Google,

This is probably wrong, but again, it’s a wild guess: the title page quote is from “Final Fantasy Tactics”?

-Jeremy, the Duke of Otterland

Nope. You're way off.

Difficulty fun.

You're right, it is silly to use the argument that it's hard to program RPG difficulties properly. To adjust the final boss for example, you just need to give him more hit points, defense, speed, and/or up his attack strength. It's as simple as increasing a number.

Plus there is the fact that the programmers usually DO get it pretty much are relatively easy and straightforward throughout, with some bosses causing mild headaches for the player. To program the final dungeon, just continue the trend - don't suddenly give the player a migraine. FF8 might be the worst in this regard because of the absence of Guardian Forces for the final dungeon/boss. If they wanted you to not be dependent on the summons, it should have been a gradual process. I would never have beaten the game in a million years without consulting a strategy guide at the end. I had to spend 20-30 hours building the characters properly before venturing back to the dungeon. Bad as this may sound, it was actually great fun, and I wound up liking the game far more than I would have if that hadn't happened. Still, I wish it had been more intuitive so that I could have avoided "cheating".

I've just started Kingdom Hearts, which from what I hear will have me breaking things left and right with its boss difficulty. Wish me luck.


Designers, not programmers. When a designer does something wrong, the game sucks. When a programmer does something wrong, the game freezes. Huge difference.

Anyway though, I don't recall having any particular problem with bosses in Kingdom Hearts. Well, not in terms of strategy at least. They're just a question of blindly whamming X like everything else, just that you occassionally want to be on a higher level is all.

Of Tildeworks and RPG Obscura

Quote from Megaman Battle Chip Challenge. I need a good game. I've beaten every GBA RPG of any note, beside Battle Network 4, or the japanese rom of Fire Emblem 6 (That's a secret! Don't let anyone know I steal japanese games!!!) And I've beaten most mainstream console RPGs. Hey, is that Disgaea good? Or maybe I should wait for La Pucelle? I don't know... Oh, I still need to beat Arc the Lad 3 (Only so I can get 4. I'm a freak about continuity, even when the games don't have anything to do with eachother.) But other than that... Yeah, give me a good, lesser known RPG that I can maybe rent or borrow and take my mind off of my new job, spending all my free time either writing my book or working on my RPG maker 2000 game (I think it's doing okay.) Well, give me a game to make reality fall away, that I, in all likelihood, haven't played.

Correct. ~

Hmm... some lesser known RPGs which are surprisingly good. Koudelka, Shadow Hearts, Time Stalkers, Paper Mario, Albert Odyssey, Arcana. Think I hit every console you're likely to find a game for there. Hope it helps.

The Last Laugh:

A lot of people lately have been sending me the same exact letter two or three times in the span of a minute. I'm not really sure what the logic in doing that is, but generally when I see the same letter two or three times on the same day, I assume it's spam. So uh, might want to avoid that in the future.

Googleshng "He was dead to begin with. That's the problem."

You wouldn't think Sleepy Hollow would have such amusing fight scenes.

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