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Googleshng - April 29 '04- 4:00 Eastern Standard Time

I'm sick. It's 4 AM. Pardon my brevity.

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Hello Googleshng!

(In case no one else submitted this yet) The quote for RPGamer this week comes from Wild ARMs and actually included the name of the ocean guardian, Lucadia, in the original quotation, but of course that would have given the quote away. The line is spoken by one of the nameless sailors that frequently grace RPG ships and ports. Apparently he angered the ocean guardian because he says he feels sick now.

Okay, I guess that's it!

Nomi Sunrider

(Umm, are the highly sought-after tildes still sometimes granted...?) :)

Here you go: ~

Confusing wording.

Can someone tell me what are the best pc rpg's that involve real time action not just pointing and clicking eg. Zelda on the n64.

So basically, you're looking for a good game we cover that isn't Zelda or Ogre Battle 64? That pretty much just leaves Paper Mario I suppose.

Here's an odd one.

Hey, let me ask a vaguely RPG related question here. I'm doing the novel thing, wherein I write it, and attempt to get it published. It's a fantasy themed novel, and as such, I have adapted quite a few things that were used before by everyone from Tolkien to SquareEnix. Can I get sued for this, do you know? I mean, nobody's gonna flip about an elf, right, but there are other thingies. You know what? Chances are they just adapetd them from other places, like your point about Miyazaki. Thanks for that Xenogears clarification. Brian Pagano, bite it, I was right all along! Well, I've got to go and finally beat Xenosaga 1's final boss. Would you believe I got up to him never knowing I could buy more Agwags, or however the hell you pronounce it? I'm-a go git me that ag-50 now. TA! Or maybe T&A, depending on my mood...

So, basically, you're asking what fantasy elements actually belong to someone? Fair enough. Everything in the Lord of the Rings is fair game, except hobbits, unless you call'em something else. Say, halflings. Everything in D&D that hasn't been covered is taken from some mythology or other, and is thus OK, except for the really... odd monsters. Beholder, Gelatinous Cube, Rust beast. Everything in a console RPG not covered thus far is probably a biblical metaphor, and is thus fair game, except for cute little mascot races. Think that covers it.

The Last Laugh:

Me sleep now.

Googleshng "Got my nose indeed!"

I miss breathing. Stupid spring.

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