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Googleshng - April 28 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Always sucks to lose your internet access for a roughly 24 hour period. So sorry about the lack of a column yesterday, but if it makes you feel any better, the electritian who took my ISP down for a week evidently electrocuted himself in the process. Not to death or anything mind you, but if you've ever been electrocuted, you know how much that hurts.

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Goofing Off

Amusement park areas are extremely vital to me in an role-playing experience...and while I enjoyed Gold Saucer and the Millenial Fair as much as the next person, perhaps the greatest amusement park-type area of all time is...the city of Sol!

Yes, Sol, from the oft-ovelrooked and strangely-likable Legend of Legaia. Despite the game's rather juvenile storyline and GOD-AWFUL graphics, I must have spent dozens upon dozens of hours in that damn nine-storied city. We have a casino, a colossium, a dance contest, tons of shops, a video arcade, a dojo, and several key additions to the main plot itself. Anyway, any amusement park in an RPG is a pleasant diversion to the generally heavy mood, and should be included and available from an early point.

On other topics, GO FLYERS! (born and raised in Philly)

On more other topics, I would just LOVE the world if some new illegal drug received the nickname "haste", or maybe even "echo screen" or "green cherry". Not that I endorse illegal drugs.

- Feep "Wanna cast some haste?"

Back in the old days, RPGs had new mini-games. Then they slowly started sneaking in. A lottery here, a casino there, raising pet monsters over there... Final Fantasy 7 though is pretty much where the whole thing peaked, and really, the trend seems to be winding down now. Personally, I'm all in favor of having a bunch of little mini-games thrown into RPGs, so long as they're A- Fun, B- Completely optional, and C- not too much of a distraction from the actual game. Sticking them all in one location is nice when you have'em though, yeah.


There's an actual link to a screen of new Shining Games... That other one I sent died so after, sorry about that -_-

Wolf X

If by screen you mean magazine ad. This reminds me though. I own but have never played Shining the Holy Ark. I should get around to it some time. Know however that if I do, I'll be making fun of the title CONSTANTLY.

You couldn't handle a 3D Gau.

"Strong Bad seems rather glum these days."

Of course he does; Bubs wouldn't give him a free lunch.

Anyway, to discuss something RPG related. Who cares if Auron's in Kingdom Hearts 2? I wanna see some Super Nintendo FF characters! We've seen the models of Locke and company on that promotional demo Square had WAY back (when FF7 was still rumored to be on the N64), so what's the problem? I demand a hidden Golbez coliseum battle!

K-k-k-k-k-Kaiju Munky

Well, the problem here is that Kingdom Hearts is actually the brainchild of the character designer for FF7 8 and 10, so he's really only inclined to recycle his own stuff. When you get right down to it though, the FF characters in Kingdom Hearts pretty much came off as a afterthought to begin with, so I'm not all that concerned with who did and didn't make the cut.

The Last Laugh:

You know how movie trailers are always going: "Keanu Reeves, Lawrence Fishburn, and some girl in..." and whatnot? I just saw one that said "Hugh Jackman, Kate Beckinsale, The Wolfman, and Dracula in..."

So... they actually got Dracula to play himself? I'm pretty impressed!

Googleshng "Never cross the streams."

Shooby dooby doop, shooby dooby doop, de dooooo...

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