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Googleshng - April 26 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

E3 is coming up in just a couple weeks, and around the same time, Lewis Black is going to be touring around my general vicinity. Two reasons it would be good if I found a couple million dollars in gold dubloons buried somewhere soon.

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I am finally graduating from college (YAY!). But since my wife works nights, this means I will suddenly have a lot of free time. I obviously want to fill that time with RPGaming goodness.

So, I know that you don't like the MMORPG-type games, but perhaps you could indulge me and print this question, as I'm sure that some of RPGamer's readers play a lot of MMORPGs.

My question is, out of all the ones on the market (UO, EQ, AC, WoW, Anarchy, FFXI, etc etc etc) which one is the best?

What I really, truly want is a game that is very immersive, that truly makes me feel like I'm "in" another world. I played UO for a few months, but every talks and acts MetaGame and out-of-character. Also, the game world was not very realistic (i.e. every damn square inch of land taken up by houses).

So, does anyone out there have a recommendation for a game that has a good, immersive playerbase and world?

Thank you to any and all replies. Also, if anyone wants to reply to me directly, I setup a mail account at

Thank you very much to any and all replies, and who knows...maybe I'll see you in game sometime soon!


First off, I should point out that WoW isn't out yet, so there's no way anyone could judge the user base. I can say with confidence though that the more well known such a game is, and the better the graphics, the less likely it's going to be for most people to stay in character. So I suppose your best bet would be to find some obscure text based game somewhere.

Have you seen a black car?

Yo Google. Listen, man, do you by any chance know of any information at all of a Shenmue 3? i just got done with the second, and I'm itching to resume my insane quest to piss everyone off while disregarding their feelings and look for the enigmatic Lan Di.

Also, what's up with the germanity attatched to the titles of the Xenosaga series. Furthermore, is it pronounced "ZEE-no-gears" or "ZEH-no-gears?" Because the argument's pissing me off while my friends try to find the enigmatic Lan Di. Or rather, to piss me off.

One final note: How freaking cool is it that Kingdom Hearts 2's got Auron in it? I mean, how freaking cool?

Xeno- (ZEE-NO): A prefix of Greek origin refering to things of a strange or alien nature. Examples: Xenophobia, Xenolith, Xenobiology...

Anyway, there isn't a whole lot to be said about Shenmue 3 at this point in time. Might show up one day, might not. Might be a dating sim, that might just be my own little joke. Let's all wait and see.

On the Origin of Species

where do chocobo's originate from?

Nausicaä of the Valley of of Wind. A very text heavy manga by Hayao Miyazaki set in a post appocolyptic setting with all sorts of tree hugging themes. Like everything else by him, people have been mining it for visual imagery for decades.


The Last Laugh:

Dagnabit. That there Mega Man Anthology got pushed back again.

Googleshng "Keep on... trangling."

Strong Bad seems rather glum these days.

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