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Googleshng - April 22 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

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His name was Leo and he... oh I can't bring myself to do it.


I know RPGamer is much into PC RPG, or at least not enough for those PC RPGamer, but I was wondering if you could help me in deciding on a good PC RPG.

I'm asking you this because I never once looked into getting a PC RPG, they usually don't interest me. I got this good PC for Final Fantasy XI, but thats beside the point here. I don't like the PC kind of RPG, but I can't say I ever tried one and that hurt the validity of the statement I just made.

So, I would like to try a good PC RPG. Doesn't matter if its old, out of style or whatever. I want something good that isn't online, has cool character design (I'm a sucked for Japanese artwork, but it's not a must) great story and compelling gameplay.

I know its not the greatest of question, so heres a better one.

I always failed to understand why anyone would want to revive General Leo from Final Fantasy VI (I know, I'm old school) I mean, other than the cool way he fights and how strong he is... theres nothing special about him. We know nothing of his backstory and his motivation. All we know is that at some point he went from "Fro the Empire" to "Agains't the Empire" and that cost him his life. Yipeee!!! (sarcasm)

So, thanks for your time.


I wouldn't say he turns against the empire, he's just the stereotypicical person who realizes that his country is run by a bunch of nutcases who are going to mess things up and should thus be stopped. There's a world of difference there.

As for why people would want him, well, because he's there! A new party member is a new party member. Heck, I've bent over backwards to get an annoying talking gerbil whose stats are all ones into my party. It's just one of those things.

Finally, when it comes to PC RPGs, I have just one word to say, and that word is Fallout.

Insert SH3 quote here.

:D It's my 17th Birthday today :D

You know what would be the best birthday present ever?

For you to spill the beans on the Shadow Hearts 2 release date, either for the US or Europe doesn't matter, since I'm gonna get into importing games from the US.

Do you think that it is worth me shelling out for a PS2 from the US (it would cost me 138) because the PS3 is coming out in 2006, do you think that I would get my money's worth in the time space from now until then? 138 is quite abit of money for me, and I of course will be wanting to go from a PS2 straight to a PS3 when it comes out, and that will cost alot.
But I could import a PS3 then and just carry on with what I was doing with PS2 games.

My reasons for wanting to start importing are, that games come out very early than they do over here, most new games I can cheaper if I imported them and lastly there are more rpg's out in the US than here.


Sorry, but I can't give you dates that haven't been announced.

As for your importing question, while I'm a little rusty on the exchange rate, I'm pretty sure that's way too much to pay for a PS2, so yeah, I'd just hold off there.

Oh yes, and happy birthday.

The Last Laugh:

Inappropriate names for assassins are funny.

Googleshng "California Mountain Snake"

See, it's funny because most types of snake work great.

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