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Googleshng - April 20 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Not a whole lot on people's minds today it seems. Either that or a spam filter somewhere is getting the munchies.

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Greetings (Prinnies sing) Googleshng... dood!
What are some of the best methods of leveling up in Disgaea? How much experience does one earn when they participate in a combo where you defeat an enemy? That and just me or is Captian Gordon remind me of Buzz Lightyear on drugs and is extremely over the top? That and what is Laharl's fear of women with curves since that is really strange? You know thinking about it is that Amelia in her justice mode would scare him so much and Lina Inverse wouldn't scare him at all, as long as he doesn't point out why she wouldn't frighten him.
Imperial Mog

I'd think Amelia from Slayers would frighten just about anyone really.

Anyway though, getting your levels up in Disgaea. The first thing you have to realize is that there's only two ways anyone ever gets experience. By being on the map when you get a bonus gauge experience award, and by getting the killing blow in on a monster. You can set up a big huge 10 person combo, but nobody in there gets credit for the kill except for person number 10. Unless of course person number 10 is doing a team attack with those around him, in which case they get an even split of the experience.

So anyway, the best way to get experience for low leveled characters is either through the bonus gauge, or helping with team attacks on maps with invincibility there to keep them alive.

The best place for higher levelled types meanwhile, at least for a good sized chunk of the game, is the Cave of Ordeals. You can get a good 50 levels for someone in just one round. Insane experience, but that's the whole point.

I am a vampire and

Hi i have a few quick questions and if you don

If Strong Bad has taught me anything, it's that this person here was a vampire, killed in the middle of sending this letter. I think a moment of silence is called for here.

The Last Laugh:

Sorry for the brevity once more. Hopefully tomorrow people will have a nice wide array of questions to be answered.

Googleshng "Look, I'll have your leg!"

I'll bite your legs off!

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