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Googleshng - April 19 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

So today I discover that someone I know bears almost the exact same handle as a convention which was held right near him this weekend. He didn't know about it. Now that I sum it up thusly though, it's not all that interesting. So... just imagine you have a friend everyone calls Headcheese, and a HeadcheeseCon sprung up in his town. Funky.

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dear so-called rpgamer people

I fail to see how your site could have missed listing the greatest rpg-style game things ever, mainly, the Hydlide series. I realise that among the more fashionable people today its quite the in-thing to slag off the Hydlide games as merely Z grade rip-offs of the Zelda series. I find this wrong, in fact Zelda stole many of the Hydlide games best ideas. Lens of truth? Virtual Hydlide had the spectacles of truth, much more stylish and practical I think you'll agree.

Please remedy this shocking lack of Hydlideness at your earliest convenience.

Varalys the Dark

Three points here.

#1- If you wonder why a given game isn't covered by RPGamer, and your next thought contains the word Zelda, stop. I've covered that issue more than enough times by now.

#2- The concept of an item that lets you see invisible stuff was not first devised by Hydlide, by any stretch of the imagination.

#3- Generally speaking, if there's an old obscure game we don't cover and you think we should, you should fire a letter over to, not me.

The "Im" actually bothers me the most.

Im dying to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some people are telling me Final Fantasy X-2 international Last mission is coming out in America, and others are saying its not! I want the truth! Can you please answer me question? Is it coming out, or is it not coming out? IM DYING TO PLAY THAT GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No it isn't. Oh, and in the future, you may want to cut back a bit on your excessive punctuation there.

Why? Because it's a slow day.

Yah know... I just hit that point where I want to ask a question, but I can't come up with anything suitable.

I'm in the mood to print something silly though, so it all worked out.

The Last Laugh:

There. Column is up. I am no longer sick. That movie everyone's rushing out to see is watched. All is right with the world for another 20 hours or so.

Googleshng "Oh no!!!"

And other obscure references.

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