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Googleshng - April 14 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Ack! Only 3 minutes to get to there! I'd better hurry!

Wait. They meant 3 minutes for the NPCs to get to where I was. DOH!

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Our prices are... sane.


speaking of Final Fantasy XI, I was just wondering why its priced at 99 dollars to purchase the the monthly fee. don't you feel that is a little... excessive. I would love to get the game if it didn't cost so much. I don't believe my conscious would let me purchase such a game no matter how much i would like to.


Well, considering it comes bundled with yon hard drive, I'd say the price is about right.


Is there a reason for the recent explosion in MMORPGs lately? I mean, besides "Hey, this everquest thing was good, let's make one, and hope that everyone else doesn't get the same idea!" Because there's really nothing too special about most, besides letting people chat while geeking out: "Dude! I'm in star wars! Let's go kill crap!" or "Dude! I'm in Final Fantasy!" etc.

Personally, I think that a good old floating turn based, pen and paper style, open engined Dungeons and dragons game would be better. Give 'em a map and a character stat page, and they tell the GM what they want to do. The GM replies, while manipulating the monster tokens on the screen. Like actually playing D&D, only without having to know a handful of fellow geeks. And since there's no real rules behind the game, you'd get the great arguments, without the thrown cheetos and soda. "Hey, I'm casting Magic Missile!" "There's nobody to attack! Why're you casting anything?" "Hey, am I there, where he's casting all these spells?" "No, you're at the bar!" "Roll the dice to see if I'm getting drunk!"

I wouldn't say there's really been a recent explosion. There's just a lot of attention being paid at the moment because there's one with Final Fantasy in the name now. I agree on the lack of appeal though, and how I'd much rather just have a computer assisted paper RPG session to play with. Kind of like NWN, but with a little more to it, and a Mac port which wasn't completely botched. Oh, and ideally a non-D&D rules set too.

Point-and-Click Hack-and-Slash

i just got an xbox and diablo 2 is one of my fav. games. could you tell me what xbox game comes close to diablo 2? yes ive played Gauntlet dark lagacy a good game too

The only console games I've ever played on any system that really have the same feel as the Diablo games would be the various incarnations of Phantasy Star Online. Might want to check it out.

The Last Laugh:

And lo, when the mail server is a little buggy, the living shall die, and the dead shall rise again!

Translating that into english, a weird little hiccup deleted some fresh mail and some old stuff I posted popped up again. So, anything you sent today that didn't get printed may have gone poof, and should probably be re-sent.

Googleshng "Dang ol' dead all walkin' around and whatnot..."

They oughta learn their manners.

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