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Googleshng - April 13 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Jellybean technology has gone completely off the deep end. I just had a pear flavored jellybean, whose flavor was so realistic I could actually taste the peel, and that distinctive pear flavor. It's truly an amazing accomplishment, and the makers should be proud. But powers such as this should not be allowed to run unchecked. This same bag contains such flavors, captured with equal skill, as coffee, popcorn, Dr. Pepper, cotton candy, fruitcake, and various other things which I really don't want to taste when I'm reaching for a jellybean! It's cool you can do it sure, but could you please stick to fruit flavors? Maybe chocolate and vanilla? Or at least, could you keep your number of flavors low enough to assign one distinct color to each? I don't want to reach for lemon and get coconut.

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I always hated The Colonel, with his WEE BEADY EYES!

Mitsuda actually isn't doing Xenosaga II. Last I read on the subject, Shinji Hosoe and Yuki Kajiura were doing it.

Just incase you're curious, Hosoe did the music for Driving Emotion Type-S, Bushido Blade, and Ridge Racer. I think Shinji also did work on either Metroid Prime or Fusion. I can't recall which.

Yuki Kajiura is the .hack composer. (As far as I know, only //SIGN and //LIMINALITY, but I could be wrong there.)

Thanks for reading,
Colonel Skills

P.S. You're right. Mitsuda did a few tracks on the Shadow Hearts II OST, which has been released already. ( )

Thanks. I really need to get me a new in-house music monkey for that sort of fact checking again. I wonder what ever happened to my old one...

Who wouldn't want to go?

Given the popularity of Mr. Uematsu's music, I think that he should give a concert in San Francisco. Think of all the gamers in the Bay Area who couldn't get tickets because greedy people snarfed them up in THREE DAYS! Like me! And now they're going for over $200 on eBay! This is so not fair...

Anyway, a real question: I rented Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II from my friendly neighborhood Blockbuster, and I'm wondering what your favorite character is, if you've played it. My personal favorite is the moon elf necromancer, followed closely by the dark elf monk. Secondly, have you ever read any of Salvatore's Forgotten Realms novels? If you haven't, you should. They're good.

Sephira Netzach

When things sell out that fast, it makes them more likely to happen in the future. Think of it that way.

Anyway, I have not played this game of which you speak, but I can more or less be certain yon necromancer would be my favorite character too. I always like necromancers.

Oh, and I generally don't read books based on games/movies/TV shows/whatnot, so no on the Forgotten Realms novels.

Getting together...

Hey Goog
I just started with FFXI too, and was wondering if I could get Shane McCloud's email, and see if he want's to party up, or give him mine...or for that matter, there should be a place on RPGamer for MMORPG players that people who read RPGamer can put up thier names in hopes of playing with other people who read this site; have something in common to party with, y'know...yea
...I have a distinct feeling that non of that made sense...


Hmm... this isn't really the best place to arrange such things, particularly since I don't tend to keep people's e-mails on hand after printing them. The fastest would probably be to just look for a lonely white mage puttering about. That or maybe a message board somewhere.

The Last Laugh:

Sorry this column was so late. There were a few factors figuring in there, but the biggest one is probably the power line repairs being done around here lately.

Googleshng "Raindrops keep falling on my head..."

No, really. This roof is seriously leaking.

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