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Googleshng - April 8 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

A great many jokes have struck me today, not one of which anyone around me would get. Always annoying when that happens.

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Talented guy.

what is yasunori mitsuda working on now?

Well, it's a safe bet that he's doing the rest of the Xenosaga games, and I'm hoping he's still involved with Shadow Hearts 2, but from someone who was scoring 6 games at once, I've heard oddly little about him these days.

Letters like this are nice when you're sick, because you don't really have to say anything.

" Perspective What was the last traditional, turn-based RPG to be released for the PC, other than the re-releases of FF games? I think it was Ultima 6. I hope I'm wrong, though. Please tell me that one real RPG has been made for the PC in the last 10 years. If not, then American companies suck way hardcore."

Temple of Elemental Evil from Atari (nee Infogrames) is a traditional turn based (combat anyways) game based on 3.5 edition D&D. It's pretty good.
Other older ones consist of the entire wizardry series (you can find 1-7 in a collection somewhere), and some others that I'm sure I'm forgetting.

Yep. Incidently, does it bug other people as much as me when a game tries to give the option of being real time or turn based? You almost never get something decent from the turn based side.

These too.

Ys 3 in the introduction when Dogi and Adol are in..uh...a random town and there learn about all that bad mojo in the Kenai Region, right?

Yep. ~

Art the Lad


I've been searching the internet for any artwork, screenshots, or another visuals on Volk from Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits but as of yet I have come up completely empty handed!!! I was wondering if you could help me out with that, I've went through most of the Official Art posted on this site but I can't find anything ;_; All I can find is more of the two main characters or the other human characters... I'm stressed when I can't find something like this...

The Dark Druid

As far as official artwork goes, if it's not on the site, I can't point it out. Because if I could, I'd point it out to someone, who would put it up.


Is it just me, or has there been a dearth of classic-style RPGs lately? Not a sequel or a prequel to anything, not an action RPG or a strategy RPG, not something with twelve different kinds of point gauges and battles full of combo attacks, not one game in four parts, just a good old-fashioned turn-based 80-hour town and dungeon fiesta. Not that I have anything against other types of games. I just miss seeing new iterations of the old standby. Have there been any that I haven't noticed? Are there any coming up? I didn't see any on the main page, but I'm hoping you can come up with something I've overlooked.

On a different subject, if the only reason you've been holding off on .hack is because of an aversion to MMORPGs, there's nothing to worry about. .hack resembles playing an actual MMORPG in the same way that Dragon Warrior resembles going out into the woods and finding gelatinous goop to whack with a stick. A fundamental part of MMORPGs is the idea that the only real thing to do is kill monsters until you reach the next level, then kill some more. Having an actual storyline and characters to follow gets rid of that. There's not a k3wl d00d or a level grind to be found. It's just a solid action RPG with an MMORPG as the setting. Really, it reminds me more of Kingdom Hearts than Everquest. Having to buy four games is a downside, though. Fortunately, Infection is cheap, and by the time you've finished with that you'll know for sure whether you'll want to continue with it.

"Don't you :-) at me!"

Not to be annoying, but it depends on what you mean by classic, and by lately. I mean, Skies of Arcadia has a pretty traditional feel to it, and it isn't that old. Golden Sun too. As general trends go though, personally, I'm all for people trying weird new innovative concepts in RPGs.

Oh, and worrying that it'd play like an RPG isn't keeping me from owning .hack. There's several other reasons for that, not the least of which is how I don't want to pay $200 for a single game.

The Last Laugh:

Now Congestigoogle sleep and get more healthified.

Googleshng "You mustn't play in the road!"

See? Nobody gets that reference.

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