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Googleshng - April 7 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Curses. I can no longer claim this is just allergies. Evidently though my immune system can't handle 3 year old germs drafts mildew and sleep deprivation for a few days straight. Suppose I'll just have to power heal this weekend.

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I'm hoping it's sarcastic.

dont u believe they should make a legend of dragoon 2, cuz that was a badass game, and also i think they should make a legend of legaia 2 that legitamately follow the story of the first one, with the seru and ra-seru, how bout u?

The vast majority of people tend to agree that LoD was mediocre at best, so I'm not sure how well a sequel would go over, and there already is a Legaia 2. Has been for some time in fact.

Incidently, while I'm not generally critical about such things, please make some attempt at using proper spelling and capitalization in the future.


Greetings (monks sing) GOOG-LE-SH-NG
I just have to make sure people know I'm not dead maimed or anything else. I just have been busy with having 18 credit hours this semester. That and I have been really playing Disgaea which I think would be acceptable in your terms. Am I the only one who questioned what drugs the creators were on in the idea of the Item world and with exploding penguins? That and am I the only one who's curious as to what the embarrasing picture of Laharl contained? I somehow imagined something involving intimate relations with a prinny or something silly like that. That and one of the pictures of him looks like he got kicked in the groin.
Imperial Mog

Ah, the mysteries of Laharl's embarassing photo. Personally, I've always figured he was petting a puppy or something. Probably best not to think about it though.

Online Gaming

On your rant page I've seen that you have an interest in Resident Evil, so I've two questions related to that...

1. Are you planning to pick up Resident Evil Outbreak? I myself have this game and I think it's okay, but I've yet to go online with my friends, simply because they will point a gun at the zombie and never fire...

I had no interest at all in it back when it was first announced, but since then, yeah, it's mutated into a very spiffy little concept. The online aspect is pretty much vestigal at this point, and it honestly throws around a lot of concepts I'd been asking for for quite some time. Of course, the lack of pausing and the loading issues bog it down quite a bit.

2. Resident Evil 4 plans to break away from Umbrella and zombies. Do you think this is a good or bad move on their part?

Might be a nice change of pace, might kill the appeal. I say, wait and see.

And in all RPG fairness, I should ask a question about an RPG...

3. Is everyone in Vana'diel mean or is it just me? I just started and no one at the lower levels wants to party, and everyone at hire levels will never lend a newbie some help. I'm a white mage, they live for parties!

Thanks for your time,
Shane McCloud

I'm fairly sure I made an in-depth speech about population ratios in such games not too long ago. Short form is, the people who are actually up for talking in character and hanging out in big consistant parties and such are exceedingly rare. I'd just keep asking, and/or loiter by the places people tend to go when they need healing.

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