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Googleshng - April 6 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Someone comes up to me and starts up a conversation about that there new zombie movie by the name of Dawn of the Dead. I say something to the effect of "Yeah, it was pretty good so long as you weren't expecting a remake of the actual Dawn of the Dead." Cut to an hour later when I've finished giving a lecture on the mechanics and messages involved in every zombie movie ever made.

I get this a lot.

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Odd one here.


Why don't more people like the Dragon Quest/Warrior series? It's a crying shame, I tell you what. Although the story barely changes, and the battle system never does, I still find myself drawn to each itteration. Perhaps it's all the leveling...

Also, you mentioned in an earlier column that you were programming a text adventure in Inform. I've always liked the Zork games, so I'm interested in making my own. By any chance do you have a link to website that has a complier and some examples/tutorials?

~ Mauler "A column slime appears, command?" Mithel

Uh, they're actually DARN popular. Less so in this country seeing how we were cut off when they started getting good, and 7 was so late in coming that it wasn't pretty enough to win everyone back. 8 might rekindle a good bit of U.S. interest though.

As far as text adventures go though, here's as good a starting point as any.

Thinking outside the box.

Ok. So you want "Other" questions.

I'm playing FFXI. I know, I too swore I'd never play it. But my brother plays, he lives on the other side of the country, and it's the only real way I have to have any contact with him at the moment. However, we have a problem.

He's got about 4 times as many hours logged as I do. That means his character is level 18, and I'm just about to hit level 12. If there's more than about 1 level difference between characters, then leveling together is pointless, because neither will get much XP. Even 1 level kills it sometimes. So, in such a case, would it be appropriate to go out and find some cheating site, so I can cruise through the next 6 levels in a half-hour or so?

Not that I can't solve the dilemma on my own, mind, I'm just curious what solution you and the others might come up with. And for the record, any video game where you have to read a book while you're playing, because it's so abysmally boring at times has issues.

Here's what I'd do if I were you. Persuade your brother to cut back on how much he plays, giving you a chance to catch up. Try getting him hooked on some webcomic so he spends all his time reading the archives for a couple weeks. That should do it.

FE me Seymour!


What do you think the chances are of the Sixth Fire Emblem being released in the states? For that matter how did FE 7 do in sales stateside? I really love any and all TRPGs so I can't wait for Front Mission 4 and La Pucelle! Weep... Months of nothingness...

The Dark Druid

I would think none too good on 6. People don't generally release games in reverse order. I'm pretty sure 7 did good here though, so I'm optimistic about 8.

Let's not start this again...

I think the typical RPGs can be classified by the ones where the battle screen switches instead of on the map you are currently on...if it doesn't it's probably an action rpg or something similar...I am of course just talking about the games that are obviously RPGs just unsure whether it's action or not

Well now you're excluding Chrono Trigger and first person dungeon crawls on a technicality. I think you'd be pretty safe to go with menu based combat though.

Multiparters shouldn't be so thick.

hey googs,

Is there going to be a NEW Zelda for GBA? I have ALTTP: four swords, but I was hoping to get a whole new Zelda adventure. Do you think square & nintendo will ever collaborate on another project like super mario rpg?

What are some REALLY good tactical rpgs, both new and old? I don't have many and would like some recommendations. I have FFT, FFTA Fire Emblem, Ogre Battle, Tactics Ogre, Vandall Hearts 1 &2 and Disgaea. What other TRPGs should I look out for?



There's no GBA Zelda in the immediate future, but I'd say it's fairly likely in the future. Link gets around quite a bit after all.

I doubt you'll see a Square-Enix developed Mario RPG.

Noteworthy TRPGs: Kartia, Vanguard Bandits, Arc the Lad 2.

The Last Laugh:

Well, as a security guard once said...

Googleshng "TIME FOR ZOMBIES!!!"

And then they just sort of started chewing on their own arms, and Zim walked out.

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