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Googleshng - April 5 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

A lot of people say spring is their favorite time of year. I'm sitting here, dumping out the buckets I used to catch the solid week's worth of rain, unable to breathe or see, with everyone telling me it's an hour later than it actually is.

I'll stick with fall thanks.

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What was the last traditional, turn-based RPG to be released for the PC, other than the re-releases of FF games? I think it was Ultima 6. I hope I'm wrong, though. Please tell me that one real RPG has been made for the PC in the last 10 years. If not, then American companies suck way hardcore.


I'm somewhat confused by what you mean by traditional, seeing how PC RPGs are significantly older than the console sort. In any case though, I can name several games that may be up your alley, like Ultima 7, 7.5, 8, and Septera Core.


Since you asked for a change of subject . . .

How much of your soul would you trade for a pair of these?

-- Galeran

Well, if I'm up on the current USD:Soul ratio, an immeasuarbly small percentage. Still darn nifty slippers though.


What kind of characters did you use/like mostly in Disgaea? How far did you get? Run through any of the optional chapters? Favorite Character(s)? ...I'm mildly addicted to upleveling, there's never been so many factors to upleveling...stronger enemies, triple exp, throwing monsters on each other, geo panels, item world (don't forget upleveling items too!). I've just got 2 of the optional bosses left, with most of my guys around the 2000 mark...upleveling has never been so fun


Honestly, I don't really play favorites. Everyone gets equal usage. Of course, my mages, samurai, ninja, and axe warrior tend to pull most of the weight. Don't think I have anyone but Laharl past level 150 at the moment though. Anyway though, yeah. If you're the sort of person who likes elevating your characters up to god-like levels, Disgaea is pretty much the best game ever for you... or the worst if you have other things you'd like to get to.

The Last Laugh:

Could someone out there cast a Protection From Hayfever at me or something over here?

Googleshng "gnnnnsssssttt...."

There aren't really any good stuffy nose sound effects..

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