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Googleshng - March 30 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

I have a real problem when it comes to dates, don't I.

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We officially have a running gag.

Dear Googleshng,

Will Aruze be showing any of their games at E3, and if so are they going to be showing Shadow Hearts 2?

If not then please get on the phone to Japan and ask Aruze,

"When is Shadow Hearts 2 coming out !!!!!!! ????".

Uh, let me go look for Japan's phone number and I'll get back to you on that.

This really shouldn't be such a complicated issue.

Hey Google,

Is Harvest Moon an RPG? Absolutely! Why? I don't know!

To put it simply, I am not even sure what makes an RPG these days. My standard definition would have been a game where you go around defeating enemies, going up levels, increasing various skills/attributes etc. Of course by that definition, the Bouncer is an RPG. Heck, I have even heard people refer to GTA and Metal Gear Solid as RPGs (Of course that was because they had an IQ of 6). I would certainly consider Harvest Moon to be more of an RPG than Castlevania (which is also covered on this site).

Perhaps if someone could supply me with a good definition of what makes an RPG, then we could resolve the issue. Unfortunately, every definition I have seen leaves room for way too many games to be considered RPGs. The current definition seems to be "do a large number of people consider this game to be an RPG?" Hence we have Castlevania, Deus Ex, Harvest Moon, Chaos Legion, and many other games being covered on this site.

Anyway, the way I see it, the only thing that separates Harvest Moon from other RPGs is a lack of enemies to kill. Perhaps we should just settle for calling it an NDRPG (Non-Destructive RPG). Certainly an RPG is not defined by whether or not you get to kill stuff, so why should that make the difference with Harvest Moon?


I believe generally all RPG fans have accepted Harvest Moon into our lovely little basket of goodies, same goes for Zelda and so on... Everyone needs to stop trying to define and box in RPGs, if it wasnt for the diversity of the genre there wouldn't be such a following...the day we clearly define what an RPG is I believe will be a sad sad day (insert your definition of an RPG here)... they could go the way of the fighting lets keep our diversity, we love the games AS rpg fans and I am proud to include (though they break some of your 'rules' google) them into my RPG collection.

Adam Hinton

OK, here you go. A console game is an RPG if it is more like Dragon Warrior/Phantasy Star/Final Fantasy than it is like any other genre. Simple as that. Action/RPGs? Those are games like Crystalis. TRPGs? Fire Emblem. RPGamer covers those 3 genres, and a few other games (like Zelda and Harvest Moon) which people associate with them despite the fact that those are honestly Action/Adventure and Sims. That clear everything up yet? I sure hope so, because, well, I'd like to see a bit more variety in my inbox.

Why questions that aren't answered should be re-sent.

How do you know you got 1214 pieces of spam? Maybe it was 1213 pieces of important money-saving opportunities, and one extra letter that you accidentally deleted?

Not to sow doubt or anything.

I almost definitely did, if not more. I mean, the more spam I have to delete, the more likely I am to slip up and delete something good. Just one of the many reasons that e-mail isn't all that reliable of a communication system.

The Last Laugh:

So... does anyone out there have any questions not relating to SH2's North American release and Harvest Moon's genre classification?

Googleshng "Please?"

Homogenous inbox syndrome.

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