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   December 14th  

Googleshng - March 29 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Usually when I see "1214" it's a date in a file name. Today however it was how many pices of spam I had to delete. This is the sort of problem that can only be remedied by angry torch bearing mobs I feel.

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How did this get started again?

Dear Goog, I can't believe I'm answering this, but I can remain silent no longer. The reasons Harvest Moon is considered an RPG are as follows: The package says it's an RPG. They wouldn't lie to us would they? Well, maybe...
Can you argue with this though?: The game has a currency system which you can use to buy a large supply of items. By using your tools a lot you can gain exp for them and even level up your proficiency. You have a HP(or stamina) value which will cause you to faint when it is depleted. There are items that can restore this value and bring you up to health. You can also recover this by resting in your house or hotspring much like you would rest in an Inn in other games. There are a large number of upgrades you can purchase such as stronger tools, inventory enlargements, and storage enlargements. As you get to know your neighbors, each of them reveals something about his or her backstory or at least some other important insight into their personality. Gold, exp, items, tools, upgrades, backstory...sounds like an RPG to me. ^_^

Oh, I guess I should ask a question! Why do we say "this is an RPG" but also say "this is a Role Playing Game"?

Because articles are generally dolled out on a phoenetic basis, and "Arpeegee" starts with a vowel.

Anyway though, first off, let me make this point very clear. Your HP argument holds absolutely no water whatsoever. First off, most games have HP. That's not by any stretch of the imagination a qualifier for RPG-hood. Second, Harvest Moon doesn't. HP are what you lose when an enemy successfully attacks you. There are no enemies in harvest moon. Harvest Moon's stamina is just some replenishing pool of points limitting how much you can get done in a given day.

MP would be a closer analog, but it still doesn't make your case. Again, you're not travelling around the world fighting monsters and steadily improving your character through the accumulation of experience points, going on fetch quests and so forth. You're simulating a mundane real life activity, managing time and resources attempting to be as efficient as possible. By your definition, Sim City is an RPG.

Oh yes, and getting back to the topic of grammar, HP stands for "Hit Points." So, saying HP value is saying "My apples value is 3."

Random Weirdness

you are the women

What exactly does this mean? Are you implying that I'm the group embodiment of all women in some sort of Australian Dreamtime metaphysical sense? If so, news to me. I suppose the Lifetime channel is for me...

Deja Vu

How likely do you think it is that we'll get Shadow Hearts 2 here? We got the other ones, so...

... I just answered this last week. To reiterate, I'd be very surprised if we didn't.

The Last Laugh:

So... very... much... spam....

Googleshng "It must end now."

Or at least soon.

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