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Googleshng - March 25 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

These topics aren't covered when most people get letters from family members about what they did that week, are they.

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Hey Goog, here's a question for ya. I'm doing a presentation on Japanese RPGs for my Japanese Popular Culture class in college, and I want to do the genre some justice. However, I'm not sure where I can find information on the more statistical or analytical side of RPGs. All I have right now are some clips from Final Fantasy and the knowledge that Phantasy Star was the first Japanese RPG. Would you know where a good source of information would be?

Also, do you know where I can find links to photos taken of people lining up on the streets to buy FFXIII?

-Squall the Surly SeeD

Actually, you don't even have that. Dragon Quest came out before Phantasy Star in Japan, it's just the U.S. that got PS first. Also, people don't generally line up around the corner to buy games which haven't even entered development. All that said, if you dig around RPGamer's news archives, there's a fair number of stories mentioning sales figures for popular games I'm fairly sure.


Oy, Romero-Boy,

So what DID you think of the new Dawn of the Dead remake? Maybe I was just being a woos, but I jumped a lot more than I normally do in zombie flicks. My girlfriend definitely didn't like it, so I'm going to see if she likes the original.

And just to be a jerk, FF Chronicles and Anthology were both recently released as greatest hits.

In closing, am I the only one who hates it when my roommate looks at my Playstation running a game at the bottom of a dungeon near no save points and says 'Hey... are you using that,' and then proceeds to get grumpy because I won't let him play basketball after he's been watching basketball all day? No. I didn't think so.

Well yeah, that'll happen when you're talking about the last games released for a system. Anyway though, like I said in yon rant, yon Dawn of the Dead "remake" isn't a remake. It's more or less every zombie movie ever made thrown into a blender. So, the end result is pretty good, but not as good as the various movies it's borrowing from.

An all too common argument.

Here's the reason to consider Harvest Moon an RPG. 'Cause I said so, Bitch!!! No, wait. Well, there's not really a reason unless you simply consider you're playing the role of a farmer. But then again, you always play the roles of, say, blue hedgehogs, red plumbers, and the insane god of falling russian blocks in other popular games, all which are definitely non RPGs. So Harvest Moon, or Marvest Hoon as I often mistype, isn't an RPG. You should still cover it, as it's WAY closer to RPG than Zelda. And... Done!

As you just pointed out, this here is an argument made constantly (by people who don't stop to think for three seconds) when discussion comes up of whether Game X is an RPG. "You play a role" is not, by any stretch of the imagination, the definition of an RPG. An RPG is a game resembling Ultima, which in turn resembles Dungeons and Dragons, which is an RPG in the literal sense. Besides which, there's a world of difference between controlling a character and actually playing the role of that character, in the acting sense, which is what roleplaying means. Even if there wasn't, in almost all RPGs, you don't control just the one character. You control a whole party of characters. So, were this erroneous definition to be true, practically no RPGs would be considered RPGs, and nearly every other game (except most puzzle and stategy games) would.

Incidently though, I have to ask. What RPG-like elements does the Harvest Moon series have that the Zelda series doesn't?

The Last Laugh:

5:30 AM so sleeping is yes.

Googleshng "zzz"

Sin Cosin, Cosin Sin, 3.14159

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