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Googleshng - March 24 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

What does "Stpoj" mean you ask? It means I'm blanking on a decent column title is what. So uh.. let's not dwell on my lack of creativity and get to the letters.

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Hey Goog,

I read your list of movies to whatch and you need more comedy in your world, Go watch Galaxy Quest and Oh Brother Where Art Thou. On a more RPG related note, if Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen is the fifth episode, A Person of Lordly Caliber is the sixth, Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together is the seventh, and The Knight of Lodis is a gaiden then what ever happened to episodes one thru four?


The Lord of the Dance, Reigning King of BS, and Headmaster of the Brotherhood of the Infinite Onion

Neither of those quite qualify as obscure nerdy movies. Besides which, it's not a complete list.

As for the various skipped numebrs in the Ogre Battle series, those are all reserved for lame prequels, wherein Warren creates all the fairies as a little boy, and wins Canopus in a bike race.

Again with this.

What are the odds that Shadow Hearts 2 will get a U.S. release? Thanx, Jim

I would say pretty good, seeing how we got the first two and all.

Isn't this what I just said?

To the guy that was complaining about the trade in price for Chrono Trigger. As of Febuary 22, 2004, all Gamestop affialated stores have stoped taking trade ins on NES, SNES, Genesis, and Dreamcast titles. So if he was to ask the trade in price for any of those games it would be a penny. Also only about 100 of the stores are still carrying any of those titles and the other 1500 stores sent all their left over product to those 100 stores. Like for instance I know that in the entire state of Tennessee and most of lower Kentucky the only 2 stores that carry them now are one of the stores in Rivergate (north of Nashville) and Brentwood (south of Nashville). Anyways that's my two cents.


That's an oddly specific piece of information there.

The Last Laugh:

Inspector Gadget's dog was named Brain. If you stop and think about it, that's a REALLY strange name for a dog.

Googleshng "Here's my cat, Lung."

Right next to my goldfish, Spleen.

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