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Googleshng - March 23 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

So, according to this week's poll, another couple hundred of you have been sucked into the clutches of the online RPGs. A small memorial service will be held for you on Friday.

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No Alchemy Here.

So, my goog, what's the deal with the Atelier games not being released in the states? They look cool, and if a series has gone on this long, it's got to be at least kinda fun. And all the remakes, too! Usually, this wouldn't be a great big problem, but I can't even ILLEGALLY DOWNLOAD (I steal, sob) these japanese games, and that makes me sad. Is the company that makes them just not interested in the American market, or what?

Well... they're from a small company with no foothold in North America, and they evidently don't hold appeal to the various companies that translate other people's games.

I wouldn't assume they're great just because there's a lot of them though. There's a ton of series with a boat load of games that quite frankly suck. That one with the little green people for instance.

Remember too, there's a lot of other games which have a ready and willing western publisher we still don't get, due to assumptions like "Americans have no interest in flirting with girls to improve the stats of their steam powered mecha."

All that said, don't forget there's always the option of importing.

GBA Recommendations

Hey Goog,
So I finally got a GBA on Thursday, with Castlevania Aria of Sorrow. Since then, I have proceeded to completely dismantle the game; and I'm already at 100.4% completion. Since this little bundle of gaming goodness was, in fact, a LITTLE bundle of gaming goodness, what RPG or RPG-like game would you recommend I get for the GBA to fill my daily bus ride with joy? I'm thinking mario & luigi, but I'm not sure... I want something that's going to last me a good couple of weeks on the bus.

Chris, the guy formerly in the big red jumpsuit

Well let's see. There's Mario and Luigi, there's Castlevania:CotM, which has a bit more replay to it, there's the Golden Sun games, there's the surprisingly cool MMBN series, there's Fire Emblem, there's the Phantasy Star Collection... that should be enough to get you started I'd hope.

Yaiaia... WA WA WA...

heres a couple quick questions for you

1:Is there any chance that Wild Arms alter code f will come state side?

2:if not were is a good place to learn Japanese on-line?

Well, considering how every other Wild ARMs game has, I'd be surprised if it didn't.

The Last Laugh:

Remember kids. If you or someone you know refuses to sleep, bathe, or stray from their TV/monitor, they may be a MMORPG addict. Or they may just be a filthy insomniac with access to Tetris.

Googleshng "Either way, that's not healthy."

I mean, Tetris is bad for you.

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