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Googleshng - March 22 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Amusing little book this is.

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Strange Questions

1) In madden 2004 for the ps2, how do I level up my runningbacks because their stamina seems to not increase?

Find a power berry and feed it to them.

2) Can you please explain to me why Squaresoft cant make the Saga series any good after so many sequels and years? These games always look appealing but lack something important every single time. Dont you agree, goog?

Believe it or not, many people actually enjoy the SaGa series as is. Granted, these people are masochists, but let's not hold that against them.

3)Just looking for an honest opinion on this question here so dont think too hard being its not so much a legitimate question. Seeing as how RPG's keep their replay value and dont fade away into a pile of crappy games with horrible 10 year old graphics thus becoming obsolete ala fighting games and sports games. Was the PS2 a better console than PS for RPGS'?

That's oddly phrased, but yes, I'd have to say at this point the PSX has a much better RPG library than the PS2. Even moreso with TRPGs.

Strange assumption.

When will Suikoden II by Konami be a greatest hit or re-released?

Uh... when pigs fly? If a PSX game hasn't gotten a GH release at this point, it just isn't going to happen.

Brevity is the soul of wit.

ok, so im in gamestop grabbing disgaea yesterday and I overhear the two guys rite next to me. One was holding the horrible Chrono Cross and they were talking about the similarities between Cross and Trigger. So it occurs to me while im actually at gamestop for once to ask the guy at the counter what the trade in value was for chrono trigger. Ive meaning to ask them for years knowing how stingy they are when giving you small money for your games they sell for big money. Also my curious mind was thinking about how people on Ebay have been paying like 60 dollars for this game. So I ask the guy and he looks at his computer and says the trade in value is a penny and yes he was serious. Nice to know, eh? Why even bother ripping somebody off with a penny and a receipt for something especially when theres people paying like $60 for it? Im thinking maybe there beggining to put a hault on Super NES games or maybe this guy was just a jerk off?

Well, it's fairly rare for a store these days to stock used SNES games, and if a store isn't going to be selling something, they aren't going to want it. If you're trying to get rid of a copy of CT in this day and age, you're much better off with eBay.

Seriously, this is odd.

are you the naked person!

Um... no? I must say though, this is the most bizarre virus spam I've ever gotten.

The Last Laugh:

Oh yeah, have a rant. Wow, that list came out a lot longer than I thought it would.

Googleshng "There, pretty as a picture."

Well, yeah, in the sense that they fell down, and then they got up, and then they started eating eachother.

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