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Googleshng - March 17 '04- 2:00 Eastern Standard Time

Eye exams really mess up your eyes. It seems to me this is a fundemental flaw in the system.

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Extra Clarification

Heya Goog,

This is for the guy who wanted to boycott Star Ocean 3:

The directorÕs cut was announced for NA release nearly a month ago.

Conor Edmiston

Right. Like I said, generally expanded versions of games are the ones we get, if we don't get both.

Two screens are better than one?


Sorry Google, that letter was meant for Andrew. Pass that on to him for me will you?

While I'm at it, what do think of the new Nintendo DS as a RPG device? I think it would be cool to eliminate the need to bring up menu screens and stuff. Just have one screen devoted to menus!

Oh yeah, I heard that the release of Star Ocean 3 was postponed so that Square-Enix could bring the Director's Cut here instead. Is that true?

Anyways, sorry about checking out the wrong droids.

Peckmoe Gallant

First, see previous letter. Second, I try not to speculate on hardware about which I know almost nothing. At the moment though I'm kinda leaning in the direction of "totally pointless gimmick released in response to random demand for something new." Ask again after E3.

There's a question in here somewhere.

Hi ho Googlything.

Regarding the review thing.

I also read the review of FFX-2 saying the SphereChanges take too long, and was delighted to see the option for turning it off. I first thought it was just a change in the European version, but, nevermind.

The thing is, when reading reviews, you have to sort the opinions from fact. If it says "the battle system sucks because of this and that and blargh!" disregard the sucks part and just see if the battle system seems interesting. But, of course, some/most of the game reviews found on the web are written by morons. *coughGameFAQscough*


I'm having a gaming heaven here. FFX-2, Dark Chronicle, Dark Cloud and Forbidden Siren are just waiting for me here. Forbidden Siren isn't an RPG but I'll mention it nevertheless 'cause I'm just that crazy.

And, joy of joys, Disgaea is coming out in May. Ah, too bad I really don't have the time to play any of these games. I'll just hope I can do without sleep for a couple of weeks.

So... are there any other TRPG's out for PS2, except Disgaea? And when is Konami going to get their act togheter and make a Vandal Hearts 3?

Ah, well, I'm off for some more forbidden monkey love.

Painfully yours,

P.S. I'm bored.

There's a few TRPGs for the PS2, but Disgaea is the only one that has been released overseas thus far. The GBA practically has a monopoly on the suckers.

The Last Laugh:

There. My eyes have finally come to focus and are ready to read all the rest of this mail. Huzzah!

Googleshng "One or two? One or two?"

OK, now let me fire this air gun at your eyes and then shine a flashlight straight into them. One or two? One or two?

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